Animal Cuts VS Hydroxycut

Reducing body fat is not easy but it is pretty much possible with proper diet, exercise, and supplements like Animal Cuts Vs Hydroxycut, if needed. These supplements are going to improve the body’s ability to use or burn fat and increase the efficacy of our progress. They are made from natural ingredients and safe to consume but are also different. If you wonder which of them to choose, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Lose Body Fat
  • What are Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut
  • What are the Ingredients of Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut
  • What are the Benefits of Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut
  • How are the Performance of Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut
  • Animal Cuts Vs Hydroxycut

Weight Loss

Losing body fat is a necessary process for many people and this can be caused by different reasons whether you just want to look good or to prevent some dangerous illness that comes with the increased amount of excess body fat. Logically we need to burn fat or use the fat as energy to lose them but it is not always working because our body uses fat, carbs, and protein for the same purpose. Which they prefer to use depends on what activity we are doing.

In general the body actually prefers to use carb and fat for fuel while the protein is mostly used to repair muscles after exercising. The portion of each energy source being used will vary too. For example those who are doing high-intensity exercise like fast-paced running will choose carbs as the fuel rather than fat. This is because the metabolic pathway is available to break down carbs into energy as it is more efficient while slower-paced exercise will tend to source from fat.

When you are in the process of weight loss, the type of energy is not as important because we have to burn as much calorie as possible relative to the amount we have taken from the diet. For those who want to shed fat but at the same time gain muscle, the most ideal exercise you have to do is weight lifting and other resistance exercises. This type of workout is sourcing the energy from fat and is improving your muscle size, moreover how it burns lots of calories as well.

Higher intensity weight lifting will increase the afterburn or the calorie burn even after the exercise or workout and this is what many are aiming for a more effective and fast result. Weight lifting and resistance is also great for body metabolism because we all know that reducing the calorie intake or going into fasting to approach dieting will eventually slow your metabolism. By adding weight lifting into the routine we are making sure it keeps the metabolism high.

Fat and muscle is gained from calorie intake so they often grow together. But, if you want to keep the muscle and shave the fat, weight lifting and resistance workout will be very helpful to make sure our muscle mass is not reduced along with the fat as our body is using them for fuel. Overall losing weight is not simple and exercise is a very important part of it whether you just want to lose fat or build a body with defined muscle.

 Animal CutsHydroxycut
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About Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut

Both the proper diet and exercise routinely will surely help you to lose weight, especially from fat, as long as there is no medical condition that needs to be addressed. The thing is not everyone is able to put in the same effort which is why not everyone succeeds and meets the goal. We do think consulting your goal to your physician or doctor will help a lot to help formulating the ideal diet and whether or not the change in lifestyle is dangerous for your body.

If necessary we can add weight loss supplements as well in order to make sure that the process is working effectively. They are typically known as “fat burner” but not like how the name suggests, the pills and capsules don’t actually make the fat go away in an instant but facilitate the natural process in your body using the active ingredients included. Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut are some of the most famous options in this category and many seem to already reap the benefits.

Animal Cuts may sound terrifying for some but the product has nothing to do with animals and mostly uses herbs in the formulation. This supplement is very popular among bodybuilders or those who are going into the cutting phase. Cutting phase is when people want to build muscle and eat more calories to provide the energy. Because the process also produces fat, the cutting phase requires less calories and exercise to burn the excess fat so this supplement can help.

On the other hand Hydroxycut is more familiar among dieters who want to lose weight and not necessarily doing it for defined muscle. It is a very well-known brand and is offering a collection of various diet supplements but the most popular is the main Hydroxycut supplement, often added with Pro Clinical. As you can guess, the Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut are both using caffeine as the most potent ingredient and if you are familiar with the effect of caffeine on weight loss, the two will be very similar too.

Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut Supplement

Before checking out what the Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut can offer, let’s see the supplement first. Starting from Animal Cuts, some people may be surprised to see how many capsules they have to take at once and yes, each dose is 9 capsules for different purposes. The red capsule is stimulant and the blue capsule is the water removal. These capsules are grouped in small packets so you can take one packet in the morning and another packet 4-6 hours later.

The Hydroxycut is much similar to many diet supplements out there and this comes in a white capsule containing all the formulation. If you choose the Hardcore version, this capsule will be red instead. The dosage is also manageable because adults will need to take one capsule two times per day and after 4 days you can increase the dosage to two capsules, two times per day. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs GNC Ripped here.

Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut Ingredients

Just like how you read the ingredients of food before buying it, it is wise to know what these Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut weight loss supplements are made of. Because Animal Cuts have so many different capsules, they are made for different purposes. For example the stimulant red capsule contains caffeine anhydrous, kola nut, guarana, yerba mate, etc. while the metabolic complex contains green tea leaf, oolong tea leaf, black tea leaf, etc. The blue capsule for water shedding contains dandelion root, uva ursi lead, hydrangea root, and many more.

The Hydroxycut is rich in useful ingredients such as what they called Hydroxycut Weight Loss Plus Blend containing robusta coffee extract, apple cider vinegar, plum, baobab extract, cardamom, and another coffee extract. This supplement is also enriched with vitamin D and B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and B6, B12.

Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut Benefits

As you can guess, both Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut supplements are actually based on caffeine and they contain quite a lot of it. For example the Animal Cuts already use caffeine anhydrous but tea leaves and yerba mate contain caffeine as well despite less compared to coffee in general. Caffeine is a very popular ingredient in weight loss supplements and there are some backup to the claims such as boosting metabolism by 3-11% and boosting fat burning by about 10-29%.

Another interesting ingredient is apple cider vinegar because it seems that this natural source is supporting or increasing metabolism. There is a trial with 175 people showing they had modest weight loss from 2-4 pounds and lower triglyceride levels compared to those who don’t consume the vinegar. In Animal Cuts, there is a water shedding complex with dandelion root, uva ursi, etc. which all have diuretic effects so they can increase urine production and remove water retention in order for you to lose water weight.

Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut Performance

The studies backing the claims of almost any diet supplements are weak so there is no magic pill that will shed 10 pounds of fat in an instant. Caffeine in these Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut supplements are known to increase metabolism and keep you energized as it is a type of stimulant. This alone can help you to exercise and feel less tired or sluggish while following the diet routine but we will still need to exercise to actually lose weight or to preserve the muscles.

The Animal Cuts however is more effective because they also shed water from your body and this can make you feel lighter in just a few days of use. Do note that we will need to drink plenty of water when taking diuretic solution to prevent dehydration because you will visit the bathroom very often.

Animal Cuts Vs Hydroxycut

Both Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut are relying on caffeine to help you lose weight or at least increase the metabolism and keep you energized throughout the day. The most effective method to achieve the best result is by combining diet and exercising while these supplements will help in the process. In comparison while caffeine is diuretic too, you will lose more water retention with Animal Cuts because it contains the dedicated formulation for this purpose.

- Complete fat-burning pack with thermogenic, metabolic, water-shedding, energy support and much more
- All-in-One Fat Burner, thermogenic, metabolic enhancer, diuretic, thyroid support, nootropics, and energy
- All-in-one comprehensive pack or powder for deep cuts
- For cutting cycles. Take 1 pack upon waking and 1 pack 4-6 hours later with a small meal
- WEIGHT LOSS PILLS for WOMEN AND MEN – Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is formulated with a scientifically researched key weight loss ingredient to produce significant weight loss results
- METABOLISM BOOSTER for WEIGHT LOSS – Contains 200mg of caffeine to boost metabolism, enhance focus and increase energy. In short-term studies, research shows that caffeine can help temporarily promote increased calorie burning
- WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT – Features the key ingredient C. canephora robusta, which resulted in subjects losing an average of 10.95 lbs with a low-calorie diet in 60 days, and 3.7 lbs in 8 weeks with calorie-reduced diet and moderate exercise
- APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CAPSULES – This popular ingredient has been added in a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule format for those who don’t enjoy the tart taste of vinegar. Vitamin B vitamins have been added to help metabolize carbs, proteins and fats


Both Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut are helpful supplements but for them to work we will need to maintain the diet and do exercise too. We recommend any of the two for the stimulant complex but Animal Cuts is better if your goal is to get ripped as it also removes water retention more effectively.

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