Animal Cuts VS Burn XT

We want to lose body fat quickly and effectively but sometimes dieting and exercising are not enough which is why you may need a good fat burner supplement such as Animal Cuts Vs Burn XT. These supplements are convenient to help boost metabolism and to make the body use fat more to reach your goal faster. If you wonder which of the two will be the better option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Bulking and Cutting
  • What are Animal Cuts and Burn XT
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and Burn XT
  • What are the Ingredients of Animal Cuts and Burn XT
  • What are the Benefits of Animal Cuts and Burn XT
  • How are the Result with Animal Cuts and Burn XT
  • Animal Cuts Vs Burn XT

Bulking and Cutting

Excess body fat is unhealthy and it will expose you to various health risks which can be live threatening as well in the long term. We want an ideal body because it looks good and it also eases our everyday’s life since excess body fat will hinder you from being active and enjoying life to the fullest. We recommend following a healthy diet and active lifestyle with routine exercise. The process may take a long time changing from one habit to another but we can always make an effort to be better.

For those who are bulking the body, losing fat is also necessary to make it look clean and lean. The most common method for people who want to gain muscle mass is by bulking and cutting. There is no standardized definition and what it means by bulking and cutting itself but we all know that bulking is the step where you increase the energy intake or calorie in order to put on weight then building the muscle with resistance training and weight lifting.

On the other hand cutting is the next process after bulking and this is the opposite or reducing calorie intake in order to lose weight, in this term body fat. The theory is actually simple to understand because energy is needed to build muscle, our body needs more than what it usually intake but as a side effect the fat amount is also increasing with the more calories we consume. Cutting is needed to burn the fat and leave the muscle so exercising is part of both steps.

When talking about muscle, we also talk about protein because it is what builds the muscle after broken down by exercises. Our body needs calories to maintain the weight during such extensive training and protein is important to provide amino acids which build the muscle so it just makes sense to consume much protein but, protein is not equal to muscle because there is genetic limitation too. This limits the amount of muscle we can make at a given time.

For those who are aiming to get bulked up by consuming lots of protein, it is wise to consider how our body will process it too. Just like anything will be harmful when done excessively, there are cases of people over consuming protein that they end up developing kidney stones since the body is not able to process the amount. Especially for a diet high in protein, don’t forget to include fiber as well in your food, moreover if you are also experiencing some health conditions.

Animal CutsBurn XT
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About Animal Cuts and Burn XT

It is wise to consider a balanced diet and use supplementation such as protein according to the body’s needs. If you are still unsure about what to eat and how many calories as well as protein to have on a daily basis while building muscle, the dietician or doctor can help suggest the safe option. Supplements are compact and easier to consume in large amounts so it is necessary to be careful about the dosage and never use them excessively.

Not only protein or pre-workout, there are many fitness supplements made for different purposes such as fat burner. This is useful for people who are in the cutting phase because the main goal is to use as much body fat as possible to achieve a leaner look. The supplement is also often used by people who are on a diet to lose weight or body fat because they want the same result. Overall they are a good helper but not a magic pill that will work on its own.

We recommend choosing supplements from reputable names for safety reasons. Some of the most popular fat burners that you can take are Animal Cuts and Burn XT that are very similar to each other in terms of efficacy. These supplements are often used by people who want to get a leaner body after bulking to reduce the amount of body fat and achieving that ripped look. The two have a similar goal which optimizes the use of fat in the body.

As you can expect, the main star or Animal Cuts and Burn XT is caffeine and this stimulant will be the one we feel the effect prominently. It is increasing metabolism and is great to help you be more active while maintaining the focus. There are many other useful ingredients as well on both supplements to support overall health and your goal such as the water shedding formula on Animal Cuts and how these supplements can also reduce your appetite. Read also: Animal Cuts VS Hydroxycut here.

Animal Cuts and Burn XT Supplement 

Just like many supplements, these two are coming inside capsules and what’s unique is that Animal Cuts contain packets instead of just regular capsules. The small packet is for one dosage and it contains 9 capsules in different colors, each color representing the formulation such as blue for water shedding and red for metabolism. The dosage is one packet in the morning and another one 6 hours later but avoid consuming it before going to bed because it will make you awake.

The Burn XT is simpler since they just put everything in one capsule and it is regular size as well, so most people will be able to swallow it with water without much fuss. It is one capsule dosage so new users start with one capsule in the morning with a meal and then another capsule about 5-6 hours later. The dosage can be increased as your body is used to it and the real dosage is two capsules in the morning and two 5-6 hours later. Similarly, it is advised to avoid taking this supplement before bed.

Animal Cuts and Burn XT Ingredients

It is necessary to know what’s in your supplement because we can see what they can offer and the possible side effects from the ingredients, especially if you never use one or experience discomfort with other similar products. Animal Cuts and Burn XT are similar but also different. For starters Burn XT is much simpler with only acetyl-l-carnitine, green tea, caffeine anhydrous, cayenne pepper fruit, and black pepper fruit extract. On the other hand there are 8 different formulas for each dosage of 9 capsules.

The red capsule is stimulant so it contains caffeine anhydrous, guarana, kola nut, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, forskohlii extract, and evodiamine. The blue capsules are a water shedding complex made of dandelion root, uva ursi leaf, hydrangea root, buchu leaf, juniper berry leaf, and celery seed. It has a thyroid complex as well in a yellow capsule made of l-tyrosine, olive leaf extract, and salvia officinalis. There are many more ingredients for different purposes.

Animal Cuts and Burn XT Benefits

Both supplements contain caffeine and depending on the dose, it can be quite a lot too. For example Burn XT which contains 135 mg of caffeine in one capsule and if you are consuming a full dose, we will take 540 grams of caffeine aside from coffee and other drinks we have throughout the day. Caffeine is not only making you awake but also helps break down adipose tissue through the process called lipolysis. When the fatty acid is out of the storage form, it can be used as energy.

This supplement also uses l-carnitine and seems to have similar effects as well since it moves more fatty acids into the cells mitochondria. Mitochondria act as an engine within the cells and burning these fats is necessary to create energy. Burn XT has cayenne pepper too and this can help boost metabolism as well as curbing appetite. In Animal Cuts, another useful ingredient is the water shedding such as dandelion roots which is rich in magnesium to increase urine production and remove excess water from our body.

Animal Cuts and Burn XT Result

Lastly for the results, caffeine is the most noticeable but if you have high tolerance to caffeine, we do think Burn XT will work more properly because it contains quite a high amount of it. The Animal Cuts also have a decent amount of 210 mg per serving so they are not as different and the effect is feeling awake, focused, as well as more energized. We see the water shedding effect is very effective from Animal Cuts and it is great if your body retains lots of water weight too.

Animal Cuts Vs Burn XT

They are caffeine based so if you are sensitive to this stimulant sometimes people can be jittery or hard to focus as their heart rate increases. In comparison Burn XT is easier to understand since it is simpler in formulation but none of them are magic pills so to burn a meaningful amount of fat we will need to eat clean as well as maintaining the exercise intensity. In comparison the Animal Cuts is also great for reducing water weight which result is noticeable and fast.

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The decision is all yours because both supplements are equally helpful and energizing but, we will recommend the Animal Cuts especially if your body retains too much water. This helps a lot at reducing weight and achieving a lean result.

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