Animal Cuts VS GNC Ripped

We all want to have an attractive body and one of them is by getting a lean body mass with defined muscle and low in fat. There are actually plenty of exercises and diet methods to try depending on which seems to match your lifestyle the most such as Animal Cuts Vs GNC Ripped. These supplements are not a magic solution but will be helpful to burn the fat while you reduce the energy intake. For those planning to use these supplements, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Between Getting Lean and Stronger
  • What are Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped
  • What are the Ingredients of Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped
  • What are the Benefits of Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped
  • How are the Results with Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped
  • Animal Cuts Vs GNC Ripped

Getting Lean and Getting Stronger

People going to the gym, exercising, getting more active, and changing their overall lifestyle for different reasons and different goals ask for different methods to achieve as well. We are sure many of us are asking why strong people who are competing in weight lifting are mostly big, they are not lean like bodybuilders but they are very strong to be able to compete with each other. On the other hand we see people getting ripped with large, defined muscles, and toned abs that look very attractive.

The reason is because both groups of people have different goals; one is focusing on strength to help them lift heavier and the other is focusing on toning their body or to achieve an ideal according to what they desire. Does that mean a ripped person can’t be strong? It is not as simple as that and more of what effort is made to achieve the goals since they are typically not achievable at once. None are better than the other since both are good.

The reason why it is often said you need to focus on one is because increasing muscle density and size makes your body big and strong thus, we need to gain more muscle. The thing is, muscle is calorically expensive since it needs a lot of energy to create which means we need to consume more energy to gain them, to expand the size; often more than what average people will need on a daily basis. As many already know, eating more energy means gaining body fat as well.

This is why when in the bulking stage you gain both at the same time due to the increased amount of calories being consumed. For those who don’t want the excess fat for reasons mostly because it looks unattractive, we go to the cutting mode when calories are reduced while sustaining protein and training to preserve the muscles. The reason why athletes like weight lifters often don’t look lean is because there is no reason to do so since mass moves mass.

For people who are planning on putting body mass at around 130kg, they will also put on some abdominal fat yet not all people with superheavyweights are fat because you can find some that are pretty lean for the size. Athletes who need body mass to lift heavy weight will usually have a body fat of 20-25% despite looking fat and large, they are not fat at all in fact. At the end of the day it all depends on what you want to achieve.

Animal Cuts GNC Ripped
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About Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped

If you are here then we assume that a lean body mass is more preferred and this is often achieved by bulking and then cutting. Do note that regardless of the goal, proper diet and exercise are the main part of the process and while some supplements can help, they are not going to work without our own effort. However, you can use them to help the process whether it is making it more effective or faster, depending on what the supplement is designed for.

For those in the cutting stage, currently reducing their calorie intake to lose some body fat and want to make more defined muscles, fat burning supplements will be very helpful. They are often coming with some type of stimulant so if you don’t have any issue with things like caffeine, they will be quite effective to increase the fat burning process. Some of the most popular fat cutting or burning supplements in the market are Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped or the Vitapak Program.

GNC seems to be quite famous for their whey protein products as well but this Vitapak Program is specifically formulated to burn fat and to remove excess water from the body. The main goal of these supplements are very much the same to each other. To burn fat means your body needs to increase the metabolism and use the fat as energy. To optimize the results we need to consume these supplements with an ideal diet, mostly still high in protein while continuing with the training.

As for the main difference, we do think what set Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped apart the most is their ingredients because Animal Cuts is a caffeine or stimulant based fat burner so it contains a pretty decent amount of caffeine anhydrous as well as other caffeine rich herbs while on the other hand GNC Ripped contains various vitamins and other useful ingredients including BCAA blend so if you are avoiding caffeine, this one contains less of it. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs Ripped Freak here.

Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped Supplements

Most supplements are taken one or two capsules per dosage but not with these Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped. The canister or box contains packets of several capsules with each one representing a different purpose. The Animal Cuts for example contain 9 capsules in each packet with red, blue, white, and yellow capsules. The red capsule contains stimulants while the blue capsule contains the water shedding blend. The dosage is two packets per day so one canister can last for about 3 weeks.

As for the GNC Ripped, this supplement contains fewer variants or 8 capsules in which they vary in shape and size as well. There are 4 different types of capsules; Mega Men’s Sport Multivitamin in the form of caplet, Thermo Igniter 12 in red capsule, CLA in a gelatin soft capsule, and Waterex in a transparent smaller capsule. The dose is one packet per day with food in the morning or the red capsule can be taken 30-60 minutes before exercising too.

Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped Ingredients

Both Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped are made of lots of different ingredients based on the capsule because each capsule is made with different goals and combinations. Let’s start with Animal Cuts Stimulant Complex that contains caffeine anhydrous, kola nut, guarana, etc. It has a Metabolic Complex with green tea leaf, oolong tea leaf, black tea leaf, coffee bean extract, etc. It also has a Water Shedding Complex made of dandelion root, uva ursi leaf, hydrangea plant root, etc. In addition, the supplement has Nootropic too made of DMAE, cocoa powder, bacopa leaf, etc.

For the GNC Ripped, it has Thermo Igniter 12X in red capsule containing niacin, caffeine, capsimax, and piperine. It has CLA too and each packet has 4 of this gelatin soft capsule containing conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil. It has a Waterex complex made of B-6, magnesium, potassium, and a blend of garlic clove, parsley leaf, uva ursi leaf, etc. The richest and most complex is Mega Men Support Multivitamin as it contains a various types of vitamins like A, B, C, D, and E. It has Carnosyn, L-Carnitine, and MSM with Lutein, as well as 150 mg of BCAA mix.

Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped Benefits

One of the main stars from Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped is still the caffeine and each serving will contain about 200-201 grams of caffeine. This stimulant is very effective to boost your energy and mood so we can go through the day feeling more energized. Studies also suggest that caffeine increases metabolic rate to increase fat burning in a short term which is suggested to be more effective in lean people. It is a great appetite curbing solution to help you maintain a lower calorie intake.

Another effective solution from these supplements is their water retention removal. Our body retains water due to various triggers including hormone and salt intake. Reducing water can reduce the water weight and help to give your muscle a more defined look. The GNC Ripped has BCAA blend too but it is only 150 mg which is far too little if you don’t take it from another source to actually work because the recommended dose is around 4,000 to 20,000 mg per day for protein synthesis.

Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped Results

For the results, we do think Animal Cuts and GNC Ripped are going to be helpful but they are not magical. In comparison the Animal Cuts seem to provide more energy throughout the day but this supplement is taken two times as opposed to just one time. The most noticeable feeling is awake and energized so if you often feel tired the stimulant will help elevate the mood. The supplements also remove water quite effectively so after a few weeks we notice a cleaner look with them.

Animal Cuts Vs GNC Ripped

While quite effective, it takes time to see the result. Aside from being more awake and energized as well as going to the bathroom more often, Animal Cuts and GNC Rips require a proper diet as well as adequate hydration. In comparison, GNC Ripped contains lots of multivitamin so it is probably good for a long term but for a fat burning we don’t see the importance. As for the energy, Animal Cuts feel more energizing but it is less convenient to take.

- Complete fat-burning pack with thermogenic, metabolic, water-shedding, energy support and much more
- All-in-One Fat Burner, thermogenic, metabolic enhancer, diuretic, thyroid support, nootropics, and energy
- All-in-one comprehensive pack or powder for deep cuts
- For cutting cycles. Take 1 pack upon waking and 1 pack 4-6 hours later with a small meal
- Contains a clinically studied men's multivitamin blend shown to work better than a basic multivitamin* & packed with antioxidants to help fight free radicals that can be produced from your workout*
- Burn up 12x more calories■* with Thermo Blend clinically shown to increase metabolism before, during & after exercise■*
- Improve body composition & lean muscle tone* with 4000 mg of CLA
- Regulate excess water* with Watrex™ formula which features a nature-based herbal blend


There are lots of amazing supplements out there and these two are very promising. They will work but not instantly and based on the comparison we will recommend Animal Cuts if you are aiming for the energy since this supplement seems to provide more of it but if you prefer something that can act like a multivitamin as well, the GNC Ripped is a great choice.


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