Wonderslim Vs Optavia

Excess weight is a severe problem in today’s society. In fact, 30% of the global population suffers from obesity. Researchers have recommended multiple remedies to this problem including physical workouts, medication, and surgery. However, these suggestions revolve around changes in dietary intake. In fact, some of the other remedies are unnecessary if one changes his or her eating patterns.

Wonderslim and Optavia are dietary programs to help people eat healthily. The Diet Direct Company developed Wonderslim in 2001 while Medifast Incorporated produces Optavia. Interestingly, the Optavia diet program started in 1980 under the acronym TSFL that stood for ‘Take Shape for Life.’ However, it adopted the name Optavia in 2016 for the sake of simplicity.
Here is a comprehensive analysis of Wonderslim vs Optavia.

How Do They Work?


You can sign up for the Wonderslim diet program by filling out the appropriate web form on the company’s official site. You will get a shopping list from Wonderslim as soon as you complete this process. This list will guide you on the foods that you should buy. It emphasizes meal replacements and supplements produced by its parent company in addition to vegetables, starch, and lean meat.

The meal replacements provided by the company are highly nutritious. For example, they are rich in vitamins. They are low-glycemic meals as well. Low-glycemic foods are suitable for you because your body digests and absorbs them slowly resulting in a decelerated rise in blood glucose. Wonderslim supplements are equally nutritious. They include shakes, bars, and snacks.


Optavia is similar to Wonderslim in many ways. For instance, it contains shakes and bars as part of its dietary program. It also has nutritious replacement meals. However, fundamental differences exist between the two. One of them is the development of distinct diet programs for nursing mothers, people with diabetes, and people suffering from gout.

Moreover, Optavia has specialized programs for seniors and teenagers. In fact, it recognized that the male and female body develops differently, so it introduced Optavia for Teen Girls and Optavia for Teen Boys. Optavia has a section for recipes as well. These recipes focus on tasty and healthy foods that you can cook for yourself and your loved ones.

Differences in Rolling Out the Program

Wonderslim packages its meal replacements and supplements as diet kits. Each kit helps you start or continue your journey toward weight loss. It includes customized bars, soups, drinks, and shakes for men and women. Wonderslim customizes the meals as well. More specifically, each meal plan has 1500 to 1800 calories per day for men and 1000 to 1200 daily calories for women.

Optavia has three weight loss plans known as Optimal Weight 5 & 1, Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1, and Optimal Health 3 & 3. The first one consists of six small meals distributed throughout the day. In the second one, you will eat one snack, two meals, and four Fuelings. The third one consists of three meals and three Fuelings. Fuelings refer to supplements such as snacks and bars.

Comparing the Benefits of these Programs

The ease of preparing Wonderslim products is one of its immediate benefits. In fact, you can have these meals ready in five minutes or less. As mentioned earlier, Wonderslim products are low-glycemic making them ideal for people who have Type 2 Diabetes. They are low in calories as well making them suitable for people who are trying to either lose weight or prevent weight gain.

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Optavia achieves similar results to Wonderslim albeit differently. For example, it has specialized programs for people with diabetes. It emphasizes variety as well. For example, it has two categories of recipes, i.e., meal makeover and lean & green. Each of them contains tens of cooking methods to ensure that your weight loss journey is as pleasant as possible.

- Meal replacement shake
- Great tasting flavors
- Low carb
- Easy dieting with wonderslim
- Feel wonderful. Give back
- Not contain colors, flavors, or sweeteners from artificial sources
- a good source of high-quality complete protein
- Low in fat
- Full of essential vitamins and minerals
- Survive in your gut 10x more effectively

The Verdict

The Wonderslim vs Optavia analysis reveals that these programs are highly effective when it comes to helping people lose weight. It also shows that they have the same ideas such as meal replacements and supplements. However, they have different names and strategies. For example, Optavia uses the name Fuelings instead of supplements.

Therefore, the difference in these programs lies in their implementation. It seems as though Optavia makes this weight loss process as comfortable as possible. For instance, it emphasizes variety in its Fuelings, meals, and recipes. That means the people who are trying to lose weight would have an easy time taking this journey. This win for Optavia is a narrow one, but it is significant for many people.

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