WonderSlim Vs Nutrisystem

In this article, we are going to discuss the comparison between WonderSlim vs Nutrisystem. These two diet plans are quite popular in the market. They are similar that they both control what you can eat and what you can’t, in order to help you reduce your body weight and achieve ideal fitness. So, which one is better for you?

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The company behind each diet program
– The available diet plans and pricing on each brand
– Which brand that provides better customization for each person
– Which brand that actually provides good customer support
– The effectiveness of WonderSlim vs Nutrisystem for weight loss

WonderSlim was launched for the first time in 2001. Since the beginning, the company has put its focus in producing delicious high-protein low-calorie foods for weight management. The company is associated with Diet Direct, which also owns other brands like BariWise, ProtiDiet, and Kay’s Naturals. WonderSlim has helped thousands of people to achieve the body weight and shape that they desire.

WonderSlim has produced various products that are designed to help people lose weight. Their products are all formulated with advanced nutrition to assist in weight loss while also ensuring that you get enough amounts of the essential nutrients. WonderSlim holds high standards for their products, which are manufactured in a facility that has been inspected and approved by the FDA.

Nutrisystem, on the other hand, is a company with a long history. It has been around since as early as 1972. It started by offering weight loss advice as well as weight loss products in brick-and-mortar stores. However, the company has adapted its business approach to be direct-to-consumer. They also sell their products online and provide call centers for customer support.

Nutrisystem aims to eliminate the guesswork away from your diet routine. By following a Nutrisystem diet program, you don’t need to confuse yourself with complicated, time-consuming calorie counting or carbohydrate tracking. It restricts your daily foods and drinks, and you are supposed to avoid any other meal or beverage outside the plan. (Read also : Nutrisystem Vs Medifast)

Available Plans and Pricing
Now, let’s take a look at the available diet plans on WonderSlim vs Nutrisystem as well as their pricing. You certainly don’t want to spend so much money on something that doesn’t help at all. So, it is very important to find out what to expect from each diet plan and the price.

WonderSlim is quite more affordable and budget-friendly. It starts at about $7 per day for the Basic plan and goes up to only about $10.61 per day for the Premium plan. But, before we judge any further, we must evaluate all of the available diet plans.
– The Basic plan of WonderSlim provides 4 meals per day. The foods are mostly bars, snacks, and shakes. It doesn’t give any real meal for the lunch or dinner.
– The Core plan provides 5 meals per day. But it only gives you bars snacks, lunches, and meal replacements. It does not have any dinner or dessert.
– The Premium plan brings 7 WonderSlim meals per day. It includes dinners and desserts. Honestly, it is a very interesting option, as it comes with complete meals at an affordable price point.

Nutrisystem is slightly more expensive than WonderSlim. However, generally speaking, Nutrisystem is still fairly affordable. It starts at about $9 per day for the Basic plan. It goes up to about $12 for the highest plan which is called Uniquely Yours. Again, we need to take a closer look on the available diet plans.
– The Basic plan of Nutrisystem provides 5 meals per day. This number already includes the lunch and dinner. So, despite the slightly higher price, it still offers a good value.
– The Core plan provides 5 meals per day, too. In addition to providing bars, snacks, and lunches, it also comes with dinners and desserts. As the effect, it may seem to come with more foods.
– The Uniquely Yours plan only has 5 meals per day. So, it does not increase the number of meals or snacks that you get per day. Instead, it adds additional menus of fresh-frozen gourmet. You may choose your own foods. So, there are ready-to-eat meals and fresh-frozen meals available.

Let’s discuss further about the customization of WonderSlim vs Nutrisystem. They have different pros and cons in terms of customization.

On WonderSlim, you actually can customize any of your diet plan! So, even if you are only subscribing to the Basic plan, you are already allowed to choose the meals and snacks that you want to eat. However, the Basic plan still limits your food options; you will not be able to choose any lunch, dinner, or dessert. The same thing applied to the Core plan, in which case you will not be able to choose any dinner or dessert.

The Premium diet plan will allow you to choose any food available within the WonderSlim system. However, compared to Nutrisystem, the range of food available here is somewhat more limited – there are fewer than 100 options here. This is not necessarily a bad thing because there are already several attractive and delicious foods to choose from.

On Nutrisystem, you are not allowed to customize your diet plan if you are only subscribing to the Basic plan! This is quite inconvenient. Sometimes, you may get a meal or snack that doesn’t suit your taste. It will be tremendously difficult to keep on your diet program if you have no willingness to take the food. So, you are somehow ‘forced’ to subscribe to the Core or the Uniquely Yours in order to be able to customize your diet.

Nevertheless, if you choose the Core plan or the Uniquely Yours plan, you will find a wide range of meals and snacks – there are more than 150 options here. The options are mostly great and attractive. With all the available options, you will never get bored. You will be able to swap the foods every once in a while for variety. The difference between Core and Uniquely Yours is that Core only provides ready-to-eat meals, while Uniquely Yours provides both ready-to-eat meals and fresh-frozen meals.

The next thing that you need to consider when choosing between WonderSlim vs Nutrisystem is the customer support. This is important because different dieters have different preferences. Some people don’t need online or coach support as they prefer to do things by themselves, whereas some others need the guidance from a coach or an expert.

WonderSlim is very different compared to Nutrisystem. WonderSlim does not provide much in terms of online support. Well, it does have a free app which you can use for tracking your weight loss progress. However, it does not have any phone line customer support.

So, this diet program is generally more suitable for DIY dieters who know what they are doing. If you don’t want to talk with any coach or advisor, and you are certain that you can keep track of your diet progress by yourself, WonderSlim is a good choice.

Nutrisystem provides a free app and also an online tracking tool. These features are definitely very useful for tracking your weight loss progress. You can even chart your progress in order to analyze the times when you tend to eat more, so that you can be more careful with what you eat at those vulnerable moments.

In addition, the Core and Uniquely Yours diet plans on Nutrisystem can also give you unlimited phone support with dietitians and counselors. You can ask any question that comes up in your mind related to your diet. So, the Nutrisystem diet program is recommended for people who need some guidance in order to keep in their track for weight loss.

WonderSlim is quite effective for weight loss. There are two things that can support this statement. First, although the products are not really backed by any clinical research, the ingredients and the nutrition labels show that the foods are really designed to help you control your calorie intake and portion size in order to lose some weight.

Second, WonderSlim itself has received many positive reviews. The online community is a great place where you can share your thoughts, join conversations, and post updates about your diet progress. There are many users who say that WonderSlim is helpful for weight loss.

Nutrisystem is also effective for weight loss. This is because Nutrisystem carefully controls your calorie intake and portion size. Indeed, these are the keys for weight loss. Besides, the foods are all healthy with balanced nutrients, so you should be able to burn more calories than what you eat. There are some studies that show positive weight loss results from Nutrisystem. And there are also many positive reviews about the effectiveness of Nutrisystem for weight loss, too.

WonderSlim Vs Nutrisystem

- STAY FULL LONGER: Packed with 15g protein and 7g fiber, you’ll feel full, energized and snack less throughout the day.
- GREAT TASTING FLAVORS: Choose from 6 indulgent flavors that satisfy your craving for something sweet, without the extra sugar and carbs!
- LOW CARB: We’ve cut out all the unnecessary calories, carbs and sugar to create a snack bar that enhances any weight loss program.
- EASY DIETING WITH WONDERSLIM: Create your own diet regime with our delicious range of shakes, breakfasts, entrees, supplements, soups and more.
- FEEL WONDERFUL. GIVE BACK: Buy a Box = Give 2 Meals. Every box of this WonderSlim product you purchase will provide 2 meals* to people in need through Feeding America.
- Why have to choose?Whether you are a "fresh baked" enthusiast or a muffin fanatic, this breakfast hit is sure to satisfy
- Indulge in 5 different Nutrisystem breakfast options.
- Cinnamon Streusel Muffin (3) , Blueberry Muffin (3), Double Chocolate Muffin (4), Biscotti Bites (3), Cinnamon Raisin Bar(3)
- All of these delicious items will arrive in a standard brown shipping box.
- Nutrisystem is a smart start to your day!

Both diet programs are good, and they both can help you lose some weight as long as you are committed. However, Nutrisystem is generally more recommended. It has more food options, so that you won’t get bored too quickly. It also has more advanced tools for analyzing your progress and better customer support.

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