WonderSlim Vs Medifast

Choosing the best diet program is confusing, there are hundreds of diets programs. Medifast and WonderSlim are two popular diet programs that are believed to lose your weight, even they are quite similar, but there are some main difference, you might hesitate which diet program to choose, let’s review them and decide it.

The Diet Plans
Both diets are based on low glycemic meal replacements and burning your fat lightly. It provides ideal calorie and protein levels. You have to eat every 2 – 3 hours which means you eat six times a day, you do need to worry because you will not feel hungry. You can lose 2-5 pounds a week.

WonderSlim offers 60 diet choices, it has meals for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and dessert, and these eating schedule can be arranged based on your schedule or personal preference. You can also put your favorite food in your meals which lean protein and veggies. Compare to Medifast, WonderSlim offers different meals based on gender.

Medifast has over 65 meals; it includes 4-5 times for meals, 1-2 times for lean and green meals, and one time for a healthy snack. Medifast also offers frozen lean and green meals that can be bought separately if you are too busy and do not have time to prepare your food while WonderSlim does not have offer this choice.

The Cost
WonderSlim price range from $7.08 to $10.66 per day and it is cheaper than Medifast, it depends on the plan you choose; premium complete, core classic, and essentials, core classic is the most popular plan of all. Additionally, If you buy this product on their website, you will have an exclusive welcome offer, you will get 14 free meals with your first purchase, and it is worth $25, this special offer, of course, it will save your money.

While Medifast price range from $4.96 to $13.3, it is quite pricey than WonderSlim. It only offers two plans; Medifast flex and Medifast go. It offers 14 to 30 days plan. They also provide weight-loss plans with 30-day kits and money-back guarantee, and you can save 28% if you buy it on their official website.

Online Support
WonderSlim only offers learning center, WonderSlim support chat, myWonderSlim community, or you can read success stories. Medifast also offers online support such as message boards, forums, recipes, emails, or you can even call the Medifast coach related to your problems. You can also come to Medifast center to speak with the coach if you need further explanation related to your diet.

- Meal replacement shake
- Great tasting flavors
- Low carb
- Easy dieting with wonderslim
- Feel wonderful. Give back
- Only 100 Calories Per Serving
- Whopping 14 grams protein
- Delicious Strawberry Flavor
- Only 1/2 gram of Fat
- Gluten Free

In short, WonderSlim can be the winner compared to Medifast because it has many meals option and you can choose the plan that can be suited to your budget and your gender. It also has a cheaper plan than Medifast. Now you can pick your choice!

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