Weight Watchers Vs Jenny Craig

Everyone cares about their health and weight. Some people prefer getting skinny and stay healthy, other people do not care about their weight and just enjoy their life and eat what they want to eat as long it makes them happy and healthy. To keep healthy depends on food and their daily life activities. Many people prefer diet to lose their weight or medical reason. Today we will review two different diets; Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. These two diet plans are slightly different.

Diet Plan
Weight Watcher is a points-based group weight loss program that limits calorie intake. It was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch. Weight Watchers allow the dieters to eat what they want to eat as long as the meals are low calories, saturated fat and sugar, and high protein. It stressed on the ‘points value’ that you can access via smartphone or computer. For example, you want to eat something, what you need to do is find the name of the food or you can barcode the food to check the nutrition information. Weight Watchers claim that you can lose your weight up to 2 pounds in one week.

In contrast with Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig is a diet package so that you will get pre-packaged food for breakfast, lunch, meal, dinner, and snacks. The pre-packaged food from Jenny Craig is low-fat foods which rich in water, protein, and fiber. It is simple because you don’t have to cook your food, you can buy fruits and vegetables to help you lower your weight. It claims the same result; you can lose your weight about 1-2 pounds in a week.

The Cost
Weight watcher is cheaper than Jenny Craig. Weight Watchers cost about $11.70 per week, and you have to pay $20 for membership fee while Jenny Craig is about $72.49 per week but it depends on your diet plan. There is no membership fee in Jenny Craig.

Support and Counseling
Both diet programs offer regular support; you can contact them by phone and email. But in weight watchers, you have to pay if you want to follow the weekly meeting as well as OnlinePlus and personal coaching (on-one support with a coach). Jenny Craig support depends on your membership, and it provides Jenny Craig centers and online member forum.

- Weight watchers mini snack bars chocolate pretzal blast 2 points plus
- Recommends a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain desirable weigh

From the explanation above, Jenny Craig is the winner. Jenny Craig is simple diet plan. Even though it is quite pricey, but it is worth to try. Busy people can try this diet program; you just eat the prepackaged food from Jenny Craig and see the result. But if you want a cheaper diet plan and don’t mind to make your food, you can choose Weight watchers.

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