Vivri vs Isagenix

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest processes we have to follow because it means a change in habit and lifestyle as well. For those who are currently looking for a way to lose body fat or dieting, protein shakes like Vivri vs Isagenix will be very helpful because they can provide enough nourishment for the body in one serving, conveniently. However, they are not meant to replace all of our food intake and before choosing one, see which shake will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Caused Overweight and Obesity
– Is Meal Replacement Ideal for Weight Loss
– What are Vivri and Isagenix
– Are Vivri and Isagenix Expensive
– What are the Protein Source in Vivri and Isagenix
– What else Vivri and Isagenix can offer
– How Many Calories in Vivri and Isagenix
– Vivri Vs Isagenix

Overweight and Obesity
Leading a healthy life is not as easy as flipping a coin because it takes so many experience and patient until our body and mind is used to the new lifestyle or habit. Bad habit seems to be coming out of nowhere but they are actually build over time and to counter them, we also have to do the same with a good habit thus, we can have a better and healthier body. Talking about today’s issue, it seems that overweight and obesity is becoming a dangerous threat in many countries.

This phenomena can be explained with many different reasons and one of them is how our food industry manufactured their products with lots of unhealthy ingredients like refined sugar which related to lots of health problems. Processed foods are convenient and we also like them for the great taste but consuming them in a prolonged time and excessively is clearly a bad choice because foods high in sugar is the enemy of ideal body weight for they will increase our fat amount when not burnt by the body for energy.

Another reason besides habit or lifestyle that can lead to overweight or being obese is the gene itself which is making many of us have the tendencies to gain fat more than other people. Taken from WebMD, there’s one gene called FTO in which scientist found people with certain differences in this gene have 20% to 30% higher chance to become obese and unfortunately this differences are pretty common. Additionally, there seems to be dozens of other genes linked with weight and some are causing the person to naturally store more fat.

Meal Replacement Shakes
Many of us are struggling with weight and sometimes it is not very clear why because the factors can be very complicated to understand fully even by professionals. What we can do to lower body fat and be fitter is fixing lifestyle or habit and changing food choice to focus more on healthier whole options rather than processed foods. Another method is by replacing your meals with protein shakes, especially for those people who are living a busy life or have no time to make meal preparation everyday.

Meal replacement shakes is actually a mix of protein and other nutrients necessary for our body and the best one should fit all of those important nourishment inside just like a complete meal. However, they are different to a protein shake which is consumed by bodybuilders or people who want to increase their muscle mass because the latter is mostly consisting and more focus on the protein side so the vitamins or minerals included inside the product may not be as sufficient as meal replacements.

About Vivri and Isagenix
If you are planning to go on a diet but don’t have much chance to prepare food at home or just want to be convenient, using a meal replacement shakes will be very helpful, but they should not replace all of your foods because at the end they will not provide the level of satiety we get from real foods. For those who want to be more specific on the diet may also want to try subscription like Wonderslim so we don’t have to go to the shop and just wait for the package at home.

However, due to the huge hype about meal replacement shakes and their efficacy when it comes to weight loss, there seems to be a huge trend happening and demand always creates supply so we do have a plethora of them out there today. In general all of those shakes are going to be similar both in nutrient and taste but in details there might be some important differences, especially if you are considering some types of ingredients should be avoided in the journey of losing weight.

Among those many companies that offer meal replacement shakes, Vivri and Isagenix are two of the most popular because they are paying more attention to the type of ingredients used to build their formulation and we also love the fact that they highlight health more and makes their shakes to be rich in nutrition to help people achieve their fitness goals. These shakes are carefully formulated in standardized procedure and suitable for both men and women but they are not meant to be a muscle building supplement.

Another thing you may want to pay attention to is meal replacement diet usually have to be closely managed by dietician or professional because the longer we go with this type of diet the higher the chance of nutrient deficiency as well as other health problems like gallbladder and liver inflammation. Usually, meal replacement is used as a supplement to replace some of your daily meals but not all of them so we can still feel full but without consuming too much calories. Read also: Visalus Vs 310 Shake here.

Vivri and Isagenix Flavors and Price
Similar with many other meal replacement out there, Vivri and Isagenix are coming in powder form so you can mix them with any ingredient you want whether it is regular whole milk, almond milk or just water to keep the calories low. Another thing we love from them is the amount of flavors offered for not all of us are going to satisfy or like the common chocolate, vanilla, or orange flavored shakes. For example, Vivri even has caffe latte and pineapple orange mixed shakes.

Vivri also don’t sell their shakes separately like Isagenix in which we purchase one flavor or add it with another can of different flavors because the former will pack these shakes in a set with 3 different drinks. It is appreciated though for we can try different tasty beverages to prevent getting bored with only one shakes everyday and in addition we also get shaker bottle then a cute bracelet. Talking about price, they are quite affordable but definitely not the cheapest and in comparison one portion of Vivri will cost $4.5 while Isagenix is at $3.8.

Vivri and Isagenix Protein Source
When looking for any shake whether it is meal replacement or protein shakes for muscle building, our first attention usually fall into the protein source first because it is the main ingredient of shakes. In this part, Vivri is sourcing their protein mainly from milk protein isolate and pea protein isolate while the IsaLean shake from Isagenix is made from whey protein concentrate and milk protein which means none of them are going to suit anyone with sensitivity against cow’s milk or vegan.

If you are avoiding animal products, Vivri have the vegan version of their shake with yellow peas and buckwheat and other plant based ingredients. Whey protein in Isagenix is probably the most common protein source and it is great to make you full instantly as well as easy to the stomach and will boost energy level which is why this shake is also recommended for anyone who wants to build lean muscle for it can power up your training hours.

Milk and pea protein in Vivri are also popular in shakes and whole milk protein is good for supporting immune system, pea protein is better for those with sensitive stomach because it is easy to digest and hypo-allergenic.

Vivri and Isagenix Additional Benefits
On the additional nutrient included in these shakes, Vivri is actually packing the shake with different set of drinks; Power Me! and Cleanse Me!. They have different functions as the name suggests, the former is meant to add more energy for your active life and this powdered drink is made with antioxidant, vitamin B complex, green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. The last 3 ingredients are rich in antioxidants but the more important is they are a caffeine source which is why this drink is called Power Me!

The next Cleanse Me! is probably similar to detox drink we often see and it will help you to have a good bowel movement because it is made with prebiotics, 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving, fibers like aloe vera and prickly pear as well as sweetened with stevia. On the other hand, IsaLean shake from Isagenix is enriched with superior branched-chain amino acid profile to help you build lean muscle, enzymes to help digestion, and minerals to serve your daily requirement.

Vivri and Isagenix Nutrition
The last thing we want to talk about is the nutrition content of Vivri and Isagenix per serving which is counted at 56 and 60 grams of powder per shake. They also have moderate amount of total calories at 230 and 240 per servings with 22 and 24 grams of protein per serving respectively. Isagenix has lower fat content at 5 grams per serving compared to 7 grams but it also has slightly more sugar at 11 grams compared to Vivri with only 9 grams per shake.

Both of Vivri and Isagenix are a good shake to try if you don’t have much time to do meal preparation. They are low in calories, taste good, and rich in nutrients so one shake with milk or banana should be a great replacement for your breakfast or dinner to keep the calorie intake low for the day but in comparison Isagenix will give you slightly more protein, less fat, but slightly more sugar in the shake.

Vivri vs Isagenix

- SHAKE ME! delivers the best nutrition the world has to offer in a delicious and exciting way!* In just seconds and only 230 calories, your body gets all the nutrients of a complete meal in accordance with the highest international nutrition standards of countries such as Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, the United States, and over 20 additional countries belonging to the European Union.
- POWER ME Stimulate your mind and body in a healthy way to perform better. POWER ME! contains a Proprietary Energy Blend based on guarana, yerba mate and green tea. Its formula contains 100 mg of caffeine, similar to that in an average cup of coffee; however, due to its energy contribution formula and substantial B12 vitamin harmonized with other vitamins and minerals, it gives you up to four times more energy than a regular cup of coffee.
- CLEANSE ME contains prebiotics that stimulate the growth and activity of the favorable bacteria in your body, strengthening your intestinal flora, and aloe vera that facilitates and restores digestion, providing multiple benefits to the body.
- Superior branched-chain amino acid profile
- Active enzymes to help ease digestion
- Essential trace minerals

There is no bad choice between these two popular shakes but Vivri has a set of 3 different drinks in their package so those who want to enjoy different tasty drinks throughout the day may want to pick this one yet, those who just need a simple shake will save time and budget with Isagenix shake.

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