Vivri vs Herbalife

Maintaining a healthy and nutritional lifestyle is a key to everybody’s life. Products that gives nutritional and healthy ingredients are available anywhere and can be easily bought. People choose from just reading the labels or from a recommendation through friends and family. Vivri and Herbalife are two companies that provide nutritional products. Let us see more closely about the companies and what they have in store.

Vivri is a nutritional system which has an aim to supplement a healthy diet and enhance the well-being of consumers. The main purpose is to maximize the benefits that arise from using combinations of various ingredients that provide essential nutrients for the body.

Vivri is marketed as a provider of diet supplement that fit into the lifestyle of anyone in a nutritious and delicious way. Miriam Ayala founded Vivri to provide high-quality products that supplement or replace the normal diet although Vivri’s website was developed in 2011; the exact time of the healthy system was started remains unknown.

The nutritional system is made of five main products including:
• Vivri Soup
• Vivri Omega Me
• Vivri Cleanse Me
• Vivri Power Me
• Vivri Shake Me

Vivri claims to provide exclusive products from scientifically proven ingredients that are collected from across the world. Let see those ingredients in the following products:
• Vegan Vivri Shake Me main ingredients are yellow pea, buckwheat, millet, coconut milk, spirulina and vegetable extracts.
• Vivri Power Me has the ingredients which is green tea, yerba matte and guarana
• Vivri Cleanse Me the ingredients are aloe vera, dietary fiber and stevia
• Vivri Omega Me include omega 3 and vitamin D3

The benefits of the products claimed by Vivri are increased nutrition levels, body detoxification, weight loss, burned fat, improved eating choices and increased metabolism. Vivri weight loss is one of the key selling points of their products. Proponents of Vivri said that the nutritional system is helping to achieve their personal weight loss goals. Vivri claims that they can help an individual to become their “real self” in ten days through the Vivri Challenge.

Vivri Shake Me is recommended to have for breakfast. Shake Me contains all the essential nutrients needed by the body, so it is perfect for a meal replacement for breakfast. Vivri Power Me should be taken in the mid-morning to provide more energy for the body, while Cleanse Me can be taken any time after meals. Taking at least 8 glasses of water all day is recommended to improve the effectiveness of the Vivri products.

There are no mentions of Vivri side effects. One of the warnings from Vivri is not to take any alcoholic beverages while using Vivri. The company also warns against consuming more of their meal replacments than suggested. For example, if consumer like the sweet taste of Shake Me they may be tempted to take too much of this products in a day.

Herbalife is widely known an MLM weigh Management Company who offers a range of supplements. The company has many different location listed on the Better Business Bureau website and have received ratings ranging from A+ to No Rating.

The company began by specializing in protein shakes but now has expanded to offer a wide array of products, such as meal-replacement shakes, supplements for heart, skin and digestive health, teas, and personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner and lotions.

Some products of Herbalife Nutrition include the following items: multivitamins, herbalife shakes, weight-loss supplements, protein shakes, dietary supplements, energy drinks and herbalife protein bites. The five common ingredients found in their products are soy protein isolate, soy lecithin, Hydrogenated oils, Casein and Biotin. See also: Isagenix Vs Herbalife.

Herbalife is most popular for its protein and meal replacement items, these include:
• Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake
• Herbalife Nutrition Kids Shake
• Herbalife Nutrition Personalized Protein Powder
• Herbalife Nutrition Protein Drink Mix
• Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Express Meal Bar

There are different flavors for herbalife shakes and herbalife tea, it includes the following:
• Herbalife Shakes: mint chocolate, French vanilla, cookies ‘n cream, Dutch chocolate, orange cream, Dulce de Leche, wild berry, pumpkin spice, Pina Colada, Café Latte and vanilla
• Herbalife Tea: peach, lemon, chai, raspberry, and cinnamon.

Seem like the company claims of the benefit is outdated science. Many clinical trials have actually linked Herbalife Nutrition with adverse effects. The possible benefits as stated on their website are:
• Protein promotes weight loss and weight management
• Protein shakes form a complete, nutritious meal with 21 vitamins and minerals
• Fiber aids in digestion and weight loss
• Products contain zero cholesterol and zero trans fats

There is not a lot of research on the benefits of the Herbalife diet or full weight loss program, but based on informal evidence, it says that Herbalife works. There are no mention of side effects but don’t forget to see the ingredients since it may have side effects.

Herbalife Nutrition revolutionized the MLM business model and is available through 95 countries through independent distributors. Its business model allows independent distributors to make profit on specific items sold or to be compensated through the company’s network marketing structure.

Vivri vs Herbalife

- SHAKE ME! delivers the best nutrition the world has to offer in a delicious and exciting way!* In just seconds and only 230 calories, your body gets all the nutrients of a complete meal in accordance with the highest international nutrition standards of countries such as Germany, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, the United States, and over 20 additional countries belonging to the European Union.
- POWER ME Stimulate your mind and body in a healthy way to perform better. POWER ME! contains a Proprietary Energy Blend based on guarana, yerba mate and green tea. Its formula contains 100 mg of caffeine, similar to that in an average cup of coffee; however, due to its energy contribution formula and substantial B12 vitamin harmonized with other vitamins and minerals, it gives you up to four times more energy than a regular cup of coffee.
- CLEANSE ME contains prebiotics that stimulate the growth and activity of the favorable bacteria in your body, strengthening your intestinal flora, and aloe vera that facilitates and restores digestion, providing multiple benefits to the body.
- For Healthy Nutrition & Weight Managament

Vivri offers many nutrients and minerals in their supplements. The products don’t seem to have adverse side effects. Whereas Herbalife is a long time company with thousands of distributors offering wellness supplements and some products contain ingredients supported by research.

The winner this time comes down to Vivri since its benefit is more updated than Herbalife, even though Herbalife is known the for the longest time. It really all comes down to you in which you prefer to choose or not choosing at all. Don’t forget besides consuming these two products there is always another way to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight.

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