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Sometimes exercising only is not enough to help us reach those body weight goal and if you are also looking for a method to elevate the dieting progress, changing the meal with nutritional shakes like ViSalus Vs IsAgenix will be a great decision because they are providing what our body needs but with more control. For those who are also currently considering these shakes from the brand, see which option will be the best choice based on their ingredients or efficacy.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is Meal Replacement Shake Work
– What are ViSalus and IsAgenix
– Are ViSalus and IsAgenix Expensive
– What are the Protein Source of ViSalus and IsAgenix
– How are the Serving Size of ViSalus and IsAgenix
– Are ViSalus and IsAgenix Effective
– ViSalus Vs IsAgenix

Meal Replacement Shake for Dieting
We are sure that none of us want to live with harmful diseases which actually can be avoided by changing lifestyle and the fact that our world is currently battling with increased in obesity rate is pretty much concerning. Some people blames the food industry that creates an unhealthy habits even starting from younger days but as a method to improve our health and wellness in general, it is wise to consider our diet choices by reducing or removing sugar completely with processed food.

Whole foods might sound fancy but it is simpler to eat clean and even better with cooking at home because then we can tailor the nutrient as needed whether you need more fiber, protein or fat in the diet. Talking about diet, besides being done for improving one’s health, it is also often done for cosmetic purposes and losing weight is well-known to be one of the most difficult task or process to do, especially when done without preparation.

It is always better to properly look for related information about the type of diet you want to follow whether it is to avoid all types of carbs like keto or removing any animal source like the vegan diet. The choices are all depending on which you can sustain in a prolonged time but if you are not a very patient person, there seems to be many people doing diet with meal replacement to keep daily calorie intake as low as possible without feeling hungry.

We are sure you are familiar with this type of diet as well because they are very popular and seems to work quite effective for many people. Taken from Healthline, using these shakes as meal replacement is not only convenient for dieters but also beneficial for the body because it can provide the nutrients our traditional diets might be lacking such as calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamin D, especially when cutting calorie intake. It also reduces the chance of eating unhealthy food choices while dieting.

Meal replacement shakes may be liquid but they are nutrient dense and will make you feel full to avoid getting “hangry”. One of the most important benefits is it will help you lose weight as well because the calorie intake is more controlled and there have been studies showing the diet will help people shed more pounds compared to those following the more conventional food-based, reduced-calorie diet. Additionally, since it is convenient, we think more people will find it easier to stick with the plan rather than dropping it midway.

About ViSalus and IsAgenix
If you also find it hard to stay consistent on the diet, getting a healthy meal replacement mix can be a very good decision because then we don’t have to cook meals every dinner or lunch, especially if you have been tired from daily activities. They are also widely available so chances we can get them easily from grocery stores nearby but, make sure to check their calorie intake per serving and nutrition first so we can design the daily consumption better.

If you don’t have much time to try the taste of every brand in the market, it is nice to see what the other similar users are consuming because the one taste best for many will have a higher chance to taste great for you as well and among those plethora of choices, ViSalus and IsAgenix are two of the best when it comes to dietary products. They are an equally trusted brand with a good reputation of always offering high quality products at competitive prices.

They make dieting even easier today by providing the required nutrition or dietary supplement to complement your healthy lifestyle and for those who want to skip the high calorie meal but want to feel less hungry as well as still properly nourished, their shakes are a very ideal products to try. These shakes are called Vi-Shape and IsaLean respectively to help people maintain body weight effectively, easily, and in a tasty way. They are equally claimed to be helpful for promoting weight loss as well as for people who want to shed some pounds.

Above all else, our favorite part of these shakes from ViSalus and IsAgenix is the complete nutrition because each one of them is designed to not starve your body from necessary nutrition which is important for performance and make sure the body can properly function even when under low calorie diet. If you are currently building muscle, these shakes will be useful as well because they are also packed with protein and amino acids.

ViSalus and IsAgenix Flavors and Price
Just like with any dietary shakes, these brands are also offering various types of flavor into the collection to match with your personal palate but whether it will be tasty to you or not it will be highly depending on each individual. Both of them are powdered so we can make it like making blended ice and as an example we are putting the Sweet Cream and Chocolate flavors respectively because they seem to be the most loved flavors from the brands. Read also: Plexus Vs Advocare here.

ViSalus and IsAgenix are sold at a similar price range and while they are not cheap, many other shakes can be more expensive as well. For the 228 grams of the shake from ViSalus we need to spend $52.99 or around $2 per serving while the IsAgenix is sold at $53.27 for far lesser serving of 14 times which makes it $3.7 per serving. For those who are avoiding gluten, none of these shakes has it on the ingredient list so we can rest assured.

ViSalus and IsAgenix Protein Source
Since they are identically protein shake, the main ingredient in both shakes will be protein as well but it is a bit different because most protein shakes including ViSalus is using soy-based soy protein isolate while IsAgenix is using whey protein from milk. Both of them are good and working similarly but if you are avoiding milk protein or on the other hand soy, the choice is all present. Additionally, they also have various vitamins, minerals like calcium, and fiber for a balanced diet intake.

If you are worrying about the isoflavone which can be found in soy based protein, you don’t have to worry about it in ViSalus because the substance has been removed so the shakes won’t affect your estrogen activity especially for those who are trying to build muscle. Additionally, while it mainly used soy protein, the shakes is also mixed with whey to promote lean muscle building and working fast to control hunger after training.

ViSalus and IsAgenix Serving Size
Moving further, as it has been mentioned above that IsAgenix is more expensive compared to Vi-Shape from ViSalus and this is probably because in general the shake is counting more in terms of macro counting because each serving of this shake is around 240 kcal while the other is only at 90 kcal. Each serving of the shake is around 2 times the amount we get on ViSalus especially the fat and protein because if you are on a high fat diet, the drink can already serve 6 grams of it compared to only 2 grams.

However, it doesn’t mean that ViSalus is not as nutrient dense because everything is related to the serving size which makes IsAgenix will last lot shorter since it serving size is counting at 61 grams while many other shakes are at 26 grams.

ViSalus and IsAgenix Efficacy
When it comes to efficacy, all types of diet method that are restricting food intake or calorie usually works very well if you don’t have any related health issue and this is the same with both of these shakes as well in terms of dieting. Depending on how many meals being replaced by the shake, the lower the daily intake of calories, the faster we can shed some pounds. Moreover, they can work very well while the person is exercising regularly without causing fatigue or annoying hunger.

Both shakes from ViSalus and IsAgenix are useful to keep you from feeling hungry all the time while restricting calories. The prominent difference between these shakes is only the ingredient or protein source for IsAgenix is made with milk and whey protein not including soy in the composition. It is more expensive and use more amount of powder per serving but each serving will also be richer for a more satisfying meal.

Visalus vs Isagenix

- The Shake Mix that tastes like a cake mix!
- Low fat, sodium, sugar
- Full Serving of Fiber. Non-GMO Soy protein Isolate for heart health.
- Specially processed to remove fat, lactose, and carbohydrates from each of the proteins.
- IsaLean Shakes are low-glycemic and contain 24 grams of protein to support weight management to help you achieve your health goals
- High-quality undenatured protein supports lean muscle growth
- IsaLean Shake is a convenient meal replacement with 23 vitamins and minerals to nourish your body and support an active lifestyle
- Low-Glycemic, Soy-Free, and Gluten-Free

There is no bad choice between them because they are equally good, made by trusted companies, as well as packed in nutrients but we do prefer ViSalus because it seems to be tastier and more affordable.

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