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Adjusting diet is probably one of the hardest process we have to do to improve health or losing some of those dangerously high accumulations of body fat. If you also struggle to nourish the body but still want to lose weight at the same time, Visalus Vs 310 Shake can be a nice choice to add into your daily diets because they are filled with nutrients yet low in calories. For those who are also considering these shakes, see which brand seems to be a more promising option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why we need to Lose Weight
– How to Lose Weight
– What are Visalus and 310 Shakes
– How are the Taste and Price of Visalus and 310 Shakes
– What are the Protein Source of Visalus and 310 Shakes
– How Many Calories in Visalus and 310 Shakes
– Are Visalus and 310 Shakes Effective for Weight Loss
– Visalus Vs 310 Shakes

Losing Weight
With our modern lifestyle, it seems that people are moving less because it is in contradiction with how we want to live which is convenient and this sedentary lifestyle has lead to various health problems in our society, the most prominent will be overweight and obesity because of the bad food choices. It seems that many of us are getting more and more overweight year after year and it is not a destination we all want to walk to because it creates many health issues.

Taken from NIH overweight and obesity may increase the risk of many health problems and these diseases will include diabetes, heart diseases, and even certain cancers. Pregnant mothers who are overweight are also increasing the chance of causing health problems to their child both short term and long term. Some of us may not realizing being overweight because they mostly happening slowly over the years of bad habits and in the end it will cause so many harms to our body.

For those who are not sure whether they are overweight or not, our main guideline today is BMI or Body Mass Index and while it is not the most accurate way to count the exact composition of fat and muscle, at least if you are not a bodybuilder, this simple method will tell much about what needs to be done. Normal weight will have a BMI range from 18.5 to 24.9 while overweight is counted up to 29.9 and higher than this number means you are already obese.

Diet Methods
If you are in dangerous numbers of being overweight or obese, the first thing you may want to do is visiting a physician or nutritionist for a guidance on how to reduce the body fat healthily. However, if this option is not possible due to various issues, we can just try changing the diet to promote a healthier lifestyle such as by removing processed foods and sugars from the diets because these are our biggest enemies that cause fat continue to accumulate.

Calorie restriction diet is effective to help the body shed some pounds but it is very tough so you need to have a strong will power to actually achieve the goal. For those who want to shed some weight and need the diet to be cheap as well as convenient, replacing the meal with nutritious shakes will be a very ideal choice because they contain various nourishment and easy to purchase or take but will have far less calories in each serving.

About Visalus and 310 Shakes
Because of the efficacy of meal replacement to help people lose weight, there are so many options out there to choose and all of them claimed to be the best for your body which can make the shopping quite confusing. Not only those we can get from the store, there are various companies offering their subscription package that we can purchase periodically or in a continuous plan also have meal replacements in their system such as brands like Wonderslim and Nutrisystem.

However, their plans usually have snacks as well because the goal is to replace almost all of our daily intake with low calories foods. If you are only interested about the meal replacement shakes, we have lots of choice but Visalus and 310 Shakes are among the best both in performance as well as in taste. They are a health supplement brands and carry shakes as well but what makes us love them is because their shakes are clean with rich ingredients and filled up with nourishment for the body.

They are equally designed for anyone who wants to do diet but find it hard to cook everytime and everyday because with a shake, we can bring the food anywhere including if you have to spend the night dealing with those documents and urgent matters. They are promising a proper nourishment and weight loss because both of these shakes are very low in calories so you won’t have to worry about excessive consuming and what’s best is these shakes are going to make you feel full.

Visalus and 310 Shakes are offering a protein-packed liquid to mix with your other favorite ingredients be it almond milk or banana to give a more satisfying feelings but can be made as it is as well. They are basically protein shakes to replace your food intake or can be used as a pre-workout drink as well because they will give you more energy to work longer. 310 Shakes is claimed to be safe for keto because it doesn’t use those common ingredients like sucralose or maltodextrin inside.

Visalus and 310 Shakes Taste and Price
One of the best things about protein shakes is because they have various tastes or options in the catalogue so then we can try and see which tastes best for our palate and this is what these brands exactly offer for they can give you quite a range of flavors to choose from, such as the sweet cream and chocolate on our sample picture above that seems to be the favorite of many people. Their own taste might not be that impressive but when you add milk, bananas, and other ingredients, they will taste amazing.

Price wise, they are very affordable to be taken everyday because the package like in our sample picture above contains 264 grams of protein powder and it is sold at $52.99 per package that you can use to make 24 servings of the shake. On the other hand, the 310 Shake is sold at $69.99 contains around 800 grams of protein powder and it is for 28 servings. Read also: Visalus Vs Isagenix here.

Visalus and 310 Shakes Protein Source
All protein shakes contains protein yet not all of them will be the same both on the formulation and taste but the latter is more for personal judgment so we will leave it to your own palate. Protein shakes commonly made with whey protein or soy protein and between the two, only Visalus is made with these ingredients. Soy protein is avoided by male users due to its isoflavone because it can promote estrogen activity yet is beneficial for female especially nearing menopause.

This shake have both soy protein and whey protein with their own benefit such as whey protein which contains amino acids and is easily digested as well as great to boost energy while giving you a little stress reliever. As for the soy protein, the mix here is meant to reduce the cholesterol content and help you build bone mass to fight osteoporosis. In case the isoflavon is not removed, it may ease symptoms of menopause in some women.

The 310 Shakes is a little bit unique because the protein they have been using in this version is a mix of plant-based protein which is preferred by some people, it is not vegan yet. This mixes are made from peas, brown rice, and hemp to both provide the important nourishment but still fairly low in calories. The best thing about plant-based protein is it will suit vegetarian and this shakes is also certified gluten free for those who are allergic to it or for some certain reasons avoid gluten.

Visalus and 310 Shakes Nutrition Facts
Moving to the nutrition facts, Visalus and 310 Shakes are also slightly different because you will need slightly more from the latter protein powder to get the same amount of calories in the shake. In one serving of 26 and 28 grams of these protein shakes, we will get approximately 90 calories when not mixed with anything but the fat content is higher in 310 Shakes at 15 grams per serving compared to 10 grams. The protein itself is between 12 grams and 15 grams respectively.

Visalus and 310 Shakes for Weight Loss
The last point we want to talk about is whether they are effective for weight loss and while drinking meal replacement shakes sound promising as well as acting fast in terms of weight loss. They will not give you the satiety of real meals and we will still need to eat some nutrient packed foods to support a healthy lifestyle. For weight loss we don’t think any of them can be a wise option because Visalus has maltodextrin which is literally starch sugar.

It is not recommended because the sugar will increase your blood sugar level quickly and it triggers insulin to balance it but at the same time prevent the body from using the fat accumulation. 310 Shakes doesn’t have maltodextrin but it has BCAA and it is meant to build muscle so you may gain weight.

For meal replacement, both of Visalus and 310 Shakes are packed with nutrition especially protein but they are different as well because 310 Shakes use vegetarian protein source and is safe for people who are allergic to gluten as well as doing the ketogenic diet. It also doesn’t use starch sweetener maltodextrin which is nicer for people who want to lower insulin. On the other hand Visalus has both soy and whey or milk based protein but it also has maltodextrin sweetener in its formulation.

Visalus vs 310 shake

- The Shake Mix that tastes like a cake mix!
- Low fat, sodium, sugar
- Full Serving of Fiber. Non-GMO Soy protein Isolate for heart health.
- Specially processed to remove fat, lactose, and carbohydrates from each of the proteins.
- CONTROL YOUR HUNGER - 310 meal replacement shakes contain powerful Tri-Plex proteins which help control hunger
- CLEAN PROTEIN- Our meal replacement shakes have NO Artificial Sweeteners and Artificial Flavors. Our 15g of Tri-Plex proteins which includes Brown Rice Protein Pea Protein and Hemp Protein to help support lean muscle development and increased fat burn.
- DELICIOUS TASTE- 310 Shake meal replacements are delicious making it easy for you to stick to your diet.
- GLUTEN-FREE SOY-FREE- SUCRALOSE-FREE- Our meal replacements shakes also contain our 310 Greens Blend 1 Billion CFU of Probiotics and 17 vitamins and minerals to support your health inside and out.

All in all, the choice is all yours because not all of us will have the same preference and both are a very good choice for anyone who needs a protein shakes but probably not as great for weight loss. However, if we are to choose, 310 Shakes is better for muscle building and those who want to avoid animal-based protein.

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