Slimquick Vs Lipozene

In the following article, we will compare two weight loss pills that are very popular on the market right now. Both Slimquick and Lipozene are said to be effective for weight loss. They claim to be able to help you cut down several pounds from your body weight so that you can have the ideal body shape. However, before you buy either of these products, make sure that you are aware about the differences between Slimquick vs Lipozene. They use different ingredients that may give different results and potential side effects.

Slimquick is a dietary supplement designed to help women lose weight. It boasts a potent formula that aims to increase the metabolism rate of the body and to reduce the appetite. Its proprietary formula is also said to be able to increase the absorption of the fat burning agents catechins. Further, it boosts your energy, reduces excess water, and promotes hormone regulation. It comes in the form of caplets, which you must consume three per serving. For sports supplement, see Slimquick vs Hydroxycut.

On the other hand, Lipozene appears very promising, featuring the Obesity Research Institute label. It claims that it has been clinically proven to help reduce body weight, reduce body fat, and safe and effective. It comes in the form of capsules. Each serving is equivalent to two capsules.

The Ingredients
Slimquick is made using a proprietary formula called Slimquick Pure Extra Strength 6 Ways, which combines caffeine anhydrous, chaste tree extract, rhodiola extract, and the BioPure Green Tea blend of phosphatidylcholine and green tea extract. The primary ingredient here is caffeine. Caffeine has been studied a lot regarding its effects for weight loss. For sure, caffeine can increase your metabolism rate so that your body burn down more fats into energy. You can spend the increased energy levels to workout. Caffeine may also help to reduce appetite, though such results are still mixed.

Unfortunately, the more you drink caffeine, the better your body tolerate its effects. In other words, if you have been used to drinking caffeine, it won’t deliver the most effective results. Some people are not able to tolerate caffeine and they get some side effects such as trembling hands and headaches.

On the other hand, the core of Lipozene is amorphophallus konjac alias konjac root. Each serving contains about 1500 mg of the proprietary blend. Konjac root is known to be able to help in weight loss, as it contains the soluble fiber glucomannan. This fiber can absorb water in the stomach to create a thick, viscous gel. It can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and make you feel full longer.

Some people may be allergic to the ingredient. Continued usage of konjac root may cause abdominal pain, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Make sure that you drink enough water to avoid choking.

- Increases Metabolism
- Reduces Appetite
- Boosts Energy
- Supports Hormones
- Reduces Stress
- Maximum Strength Weight Loss Formula
- Clinical studies proven: 78% of weight lost is pure body fat
- Safe and Effective
- 1500mg per dose
- 30 Capsules

In general, Lipozene is more recommended because of the more effective appetite control. It uses fiber as the main ingredient. However, if you are fine with the caffeine content, Slimquick is still a viable choice. But note that your body will eventually tolerate caffeine, reducing the effectiveness.

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