Skinnymint Vs Flat Tummy Tea

Detox teas are very popular on the market right now. There are various detox tea products scattered around, each claiming to be the best for weight loss by promoting a variety of natural ingredients. Today, we are going to discuss about Skinnymint vs Flat Tummy Tea. Both are all-natural detox teas. But, are they really helpful and effective for weight loss? Let’s see the comparisons based on several factors below!

The Products
Both Skinnymint and Flat Tummy Tea provide 14-day and 28-day detox programs. If you are a first-timer and you simply want to take a trial first before committing to a full program, you can take the 14-day program. If you are ready for a more thorough detox process, you can take the 28-day program. These programs seem to differ in the concentration levels of the ingredients. Note that you have to take a six-week break once you finish a program before continuing to the next program.

Tea detox products like Skinnymint vs Bootea and Flat Tummy Tea work by using laxative ingredients. They claim to be able to purge away unhealthy chemicals and substances as well as excessive fats in order to make you lose some weight. However, use them with care. While there are indeed some users who have received positive weight loss results, the weight loss effect given by a tea detox product is usually temporary. It simply reduces your water weight and reduces the calories that your body absorbs. You have to control your diet and exercise regularly in order to achieve the best results.

The Ingredients
Well, those are the basic knowledge. Now, in order to determine the quality and effectiveness of Skinnymint vs Flat Tummy Tea, we have to see what these products contain.

Skinnymint’s morning pack features a blend of five ingredients: green tea, guarana fruit, dandelion, yerba mate, and nettle leaves. It can increase your wakefulness and energy, and this is apparently because of the small caffeine content from the green tea ingredient. It boosts your metabolism so that your body will break down more fats and burn them into energy. Meanwhile, Skinnymint’s night pack feature eight ingredients: ginger root, psyllium husk, licorice root, senna leaves, hawthorn berries, orange leaves, lemon grass, and peppermint. This night pack is for the actual cleansing effect, as the senna leaves ingredient is known to be an effective laxative.

On the other hand, Flat Tummy Tea’s morning pack features taraxacum (dandelion), galium aparine (goosegrass), cardamom, camellia sinensis, mentha x piperita (peppermint), glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), carum carvi (caraway), foeniculum vulgare (fennel), and melissa officinalis (balm mint). As you can see, it doesn’t contain caffeine. Overall, it simply gives soothing effects. Meanwhile, the night pack features senna pods and leaves, taraxacum, mentha x piperita, glycyrrhiza glabra, carum carvi, and rheum rhabarbarum (rhubarb, also has laxative effects). This night pack also has the actual cleansing effect. However, having too many laxative ingredients can be risky because they will make you go to the bathroom more often.

Overall, Skinnymint has the best taste. The morning pack is mild with some citrus hints. The fruity scent is very pleasant. Meanwhile, the night pack actually tastes pretty good, as the peppermint helps to tone down the ginger taste. On the other hand, Flat Tummy Tea’s morning and night packs all have the peppermint taste.

- Expertly formulated, the Morning Boost and Night -
Cleanse teas are synergistically combined for maximum effects
- The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost through out the day and to naturally reduce the appetite
- The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally purify the body which could lead to reduced bloating
- Fresh and fruity Morning Boost can replace your morning coffee/black tea and earthy and soothing Night Cleanse is the perfect bedtime ritual
- 14 wonderful days is what you need for ZEN SLENDY teatox to detox & cleanse your colon from toxins to lose the extra belly fat fast
- PROMOTE LOSE WEIGHT - Ensure you the best and safest way of weight control without pain
- PROMOTE GENERAL WELL BEING - Combination of high quality tea blended with lemongrass, peppermint, lotus and senna to perfection will boost your immune system and elevate your general health
- HELPS PROMOTE DIGESTION - Your digestion will improve tremendously with the help of natural peppermint in this tea
- DELICIOUS & SOOTHING - Made of 100% natural ingredients without any artificial ingredient or preservative, you will enjoy the rich stress relieving aroma immediately when you simmer this tea

In general, Skinnymint is the better option. It has better blends of ingredients, and it tastes nicer. However, keep in mind that such detox tea products don’t give permanent weight loss results; you have to control your diet and exercise regularly as well.

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