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Dieting is hard and we have to choose various types of foods to consume as well as avoid then exercise regularly and make sure to have a routine bowel movement. For those who feels like their digestion is not in top condition, you may want to try digestion supplement from Plexus Vs Arbonne which is designed to clean your tract effectively. If you are also experiencing the same issues, make sure to check how and which supplement will deliver the best benefit below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Regular Bowel Movement is Important
– How to Improve Digestive Health
– What are Plexus and Arbonne
– How are the Plexus and Arbonne Digestive Supplements
– What Plexus and Arbonne Digestive Supplements are made of
– What Plexus and Arbonne Digestive Supplements can offer
– How to Consume Plexus and Arbonne Digestive Supplements
– Plexus vs Arbonne

Regular Bowel Movement
Everybody wants to have a healthy and fit body but apparently not all of us are willing to put the effort and time to achieve those goals. Many of us are struggling with some health problems in life whether it is because of a disease or a lifestyle issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible before turning into a worse scenario. Some may have a problem with body weight, some may have concerns about their irregular bowel movement, and many other common health problems. See also: Modere vs Advocare.

Among those many we usually faced or see people experiencing, bowel movement is one of the most common topics being talked here and there. Some of us may feel uncomfortable talking about the issue but in fact it is very important that we can generally tell if our body is in top condition or not just by how we spend the time in the bathroom. The form, frequency, and transit time of our bowel movement will play an important role in our overall colon health.

As surprising as it may sound, it is even recognized that women who have more frequent bowel movement appears to be at lower risk of breast cancer because of the bile acids which should be removed quickly from the body may get absorbed from our intestines and will concentrate on the breast and this substance have estrogen-like tumor promoting effect when piled up. Additionally, regular bowel movement will reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and removing the excess estrogen as well as bile from the body.

Improving Digestive System
Due to these important benefits of having regular bowel movement, we should put some effort to handle the issue if you are experiencing irregular visit to the bathroom or constipation. First is eat more fiber because most of the time we are constipating because of the lack of fiber so foods like beans and fresh fruits are a great choice to add into your diet. Second is to reduce foods which are low in fiber like ice cream or cheese for they may create a worse issue.

Third is drink enough water because eating enough bran and then drinking the right amount of water will cause bulk within the intestine and this stretch will cause contraction and then propel food along properly to achieve regular bowel movements. Laxatives is also useful when it is used properly and in the US itself, taken from Statista, the usage continues to rise over the past 4 years yet, if used too often, this drug can actually worsen the condition so make sure to consult first before prolonged use.

About Plexus and Arbonne
Besides using the mentioned methods to promote a healthy bowel movement, we can also use supplement which is designed to make sure you go to the bathroom everyday to remove those excess waste in the body. Not only to make the colon healthier, this type of supplement also often consumed by those who are dieting because regular bowel movement will also makes your body feels lighter and much more comfortable throughout the day. They are also fairly safe since supplement is not drug and contains various beneficial ingredients.

This type of food supplement is available widely and we can get them as over the counter supplements almost anywhere but, before shopping it is wise to check what the products are made of first and understand what those will affect the body or what benefits they can deliver. If you are also interested in the supplement, Plexus and Arbonne are two great choices to consider because these companies offer various supplements with interesting ingredients to support your healthier lifestyle and one of them is digestive supplement.

We are sure most people already know that these two are a multi level marketing companies and it is understandable that some might feel a bit uncertain about them but today we are not talking about the MLM system and only focusing on their useful digestive supplement. For example, we are going to pick one of the most popular supplements respectively which called the Bio Cleanse and Digestion Plus that are equally claimed to optimize your digestive function and cleansing the intestinal tract.

What’s interesting is Plexus supplement is also claiming to help people lose weight which in our opinion also play a role in why so many people are consuming the product but, like with many other claims, we have to take it with a grain of salt, moreover after reading some reviews from the users that their weight is actually increased when taking the supplement. On the other hand Arbonne’s supplement seems to have no side effects and bad reviews yet the efficacy is still uncertain.

Plexus and Arbonne Supplement
Each one of us may have different preference when it comes to their favorite way to take a medication or supplement and it can be a hassle to always bring water bottle everywhere to help swallowing or mixing the formulation. This is what we feel about Plexus and Arbonne because the former is coming in tablet form while the latter is in powder form so unlike those we can just eat from the package, we definitely need water to properly take these supplements.

Since Plexus is tablets, we don’t have to worry about artificial flavorings and added sugars while the price tag per 180 capsules package is $63 that will be enough for 3 months supply. Arbonnes is offering this digestive supplement is powder form and at first we thought it to be heavily flavored like those collagen drinks but they are not and fairly plain which is great for there is no excess sugar in it. Similarly, it is sold at $62.3 per 30 pack for a month supply.

Plexus and Arbonne Ingredients
When you are shopping for a supplement, the most important point is paying attention to the ingredient list especially if you have concerns against some common ingredients but none of Plexus and Arbonne are made with dubious chemical, in fact Plexus is even 100% vegetarian. The main ingredients in this supplement are Bioflavonoid from quince, orange peel, and lemon peel, sodium, magnesium, vitamin C, and rice flour. Arbonne made their supplement with probiotics, chicory root, chamomile, ginger root, and bacillus coagulans.

Plexus and Arbonne Benefits
Let’s start with Plexus benefit first and the Bioflavonoid which is made from citrus peels is effective as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent so they can protect our gut from overgrowth of opportunistic pathogens like Alpha-pinene. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is known to help reduce stomach acid that we often seen being used to treat heartburn or indigestion. Magnesium on the other hand is found to encourage more frequent bowel movement by the Department of Medicine, Health Centre Hospital of Oulu in Finland.

Vitamin C is rarely connected to digestion but it will support overall healthy digestion by aiding healthy teeth and gums as well as helping the body to absorb iron. Moving to Arbonne, Chicory root is one of the main ingredients and it is used because of how rich the plant is in inulin fiber which is shown to increase the concentration of good bacteria in the colon. Chamomile tea is popular as a digestive issue treatment and it is because they are rich in terpenoids and flavonoids that has been known to aid several health problems.

Ginger has warming effect and it usually used to aid irritable bowel syndrome as well as comforting your stomach and promoting better digestion. Bacillus coagulans is probiotic and it is linked to improvement in digestive as well as immune health and efficient absorption of important nutrients from our diet.

Consuming Plexus and Arbonne
Just with any other oral supplement, we have to take Plexus or Arbonne digestive supplement routinely to see the benefit and to consume the tablet, use about 8 ounce of water with two capsules each day, in between meals or in the evening and the most important is do drink plenty of water for the supplement can dehydrate the user. With the powder version we can drink them anytime of the day, one package mix with at least 4 ounce of water; it can be cold iced water or at room temperature.

Plexus or Arbonne are a trusted brand that offer various supplements including digestive supplement like the Bio Cleanse and Digestion Plus. Their efficacy may not be the same for every user but Arbonne does include probiotic in their product which is great to promote better gut health combined with soothing ingredients to comfort your stomach. Plexus on the other hand also use various beneficial supportive ingredients but they can be very dehydrating.

Plexus vs Arbonne

- Take the time to care for your digestive system every day! This mild powder has soothing notes of ginger and chamomile, and delivers prebiotics, 3 billion CFU of probiotics, and enzymes to help support optimal digestive function.
- The Arbonne Advantage: Plant-powered, nutrient-rich products that are cleaner for better results, following a strict ingredient policy that is always gluten-free, vegan and without GMO ingredients.
- Plexus BioCleanse 180 Capsule Bottle
- Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

All in all, the decision is all yours for not all of us will have the same opinion but, between these two digestive supplements, we do prefer the probiotic drink made by Arbonne because they are better in keeping a healthy digestive system.

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