Plexus vs Advocare

The trend of health products seems to be still going strong, moreover with how our current society becoming more aware of their health including how frequent they visit the bathroom. If you are also experiencing some digestive issues, Plexus Vs Advocare digestive supplement may help improve the condition and help you get a healthier, more comfortable tummy. For those who are also considering these specific supplements from the companies, see which product will fit your problem the most below by checking their beneficial ingredients.

Plexus vs Advocare
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why we should care for Digestive Health
– How to care for Digestive Health
– What are Plexus and Advocare
– How are the Capsules and Price of Plexus and Advocare
– What Plexus and Advocare are made of
– What Plexus and Advocare can offer to you
– How to Take Plexus and Advocare
– Plexus Vs Advocare

The Importance of Digestive Health
When thinking that our body is living because of the nutrients we supply them through foods and liquid we consume everyday, it is getting easier to have an idea on how our digestive system is very important or crucial part in our body. They are the one who are working at any moment to break down food and transform them into nutrients we used as energy, growth, and repairing damaged cells. Our food needs to be broken down so the body can absorb them well and transporting it throughout the body.

However, it is also unfortunate that guts is one of the most fragile parts on our body when it comes to performance issues due to its complexity. Studies in the past decades shown so many connections between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental, health, cancer, and many other health problems we used to see today. One of the most important parts of gut health is gut microbiome or the microorganism living in our intestines which approximately counting at 300 to 500 different species of bacteria.

Taken from Healthline, there is a study in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology showed that having a wide variety of good bacteria in the gut will enhance the immune system function, improving the symptoms of depression, helping in the battle against obesity, as well as providing numerous health benefits.

Taking Care of Digestive Health
While healthy digestive system is delivering so many benefits, many of us have experienced gut issues frequently such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn. However, there are some methods we can do to help improve the condition and some of them are even free. First is lowering the stress level for it is bad not only for the gut but for the whole body so if you have chronic stress try a relaxing walk, meditation, or massage and spend quality time with loved ones.

Second is to try to get enough sleep to reduce stress on the body and eat slowly so the stomach can process them properly while absorbing the nutrient effectively as well as reducing digestive discomfort. Third is to drink enough water to help the mucosal lining of your intestines then promoting a more balanced of good bacteria in the gut. Fourth is taking prebiotic or probiotic to improve the good gut bacteria. These two may sound similar but in fact they are quite different to each other.

Prebiotic is the food of good bacteria and it will support them to strive in your gut while on the other hand probiotic is the living god bacteria itself. Yet, you may want to pay attention here because those with bacterial overgrowth like SIBO is not allowed to take probiotic.


About Plexus and Advocare
Since getting a healthy gut is not as simple as drinking lots of water everyday, many of us are struggling to improve it with supplement and while some people still have concerns against various supplements, trying one of them in a limited period of time can be very useful to see if they do deliver the promised benefits or not. Digestive supplements are available widely and they are different from a laxative despite sometimes have a similar effect to make you have more frequent bowel movements.

Among those many health supplement manufacturers, we are sure most of you are familiar with Plexus and Advocare because they are two big companies, especially in the MLM industry and they also have various products to offer including health supplements. In our article today we are going to talk about their digestive products which seems to be also popular among people because of the useful ingredients and the good performance in improving our gut health as well as help reduce some stomach discomfort we often experience almost on a daily basis.

The digestive supplement we are going to talk about today are the Plexus Bio Cleanse and Advocare Digest-Ease that are designed to improve digestion health and made for people who are experiencing some gut issues. However, they seem to have a slightly different focus about what the supplement will deliver later because Plexus is focusing on moving things through and clean out your guts from the harmful substances that may hurt the digestive system with Magnesium as the primary ingredient.

On the other hand, Advocare Digest-Ease is focusing in facilitating digestion and absorption to help the user to get the maximum benefit from the food they have been consuming. The herbal ingredients and digestive enzymes are claimed to help calm your stomach as well as supporting delicate cell lining on the lower intestines. In short it is going to take care of a broad range of digestive health components. Read also: Plexus Vs Arbonne here.

Plexus and Advocare Capsules and Price
Both of these digestive supplements are easy to take because they are coming in the form of capsules so we don’t have to carry water bottle around for example when having to take the supplement at the working hours. However, the size of these capsules can be a problem for those who can’t drink solid medicine because they are quite big and might get stuck in our back throat. However, we can ease them by drinking lots of water especially when taking Plexus.

Price wise, they are very affordable because one bottle will often last for about a month depending on which version you pick. For example the Plexus in our sample today has 180 capsules in it and it will last for up to 3 months with the price of only $64.99 per bottle. On the other hand Advocare Digest-Ease supplement is even cheaper since a bottle containing 60 capsules and is offered around $31.95 which makes them pretty much in the same price range.

Plexus and Advocare Ingredients
Such as when shopping for any products with certain claims, the first thing you have to check is their ingredients because it will give us an idea on how the product will benefit us later or whether there is a substance you are trying to avoid. In this side, Plexus is made with Bioflavonoid Complex from citrus and quince, Sodium, Magnesium, and Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C. Advocare has Ginger extract, Boswelia extract, Turmeric powder, Papaya powder, papain, and Bromelain.

Plexus and Advocare Benefits
Let’s start with the benefit of Plexus first and if you are not familiar with the pros of consuming orange or lemon peels yet, the skin of these citrus fruits are rich in fiber which is beneficial for all digestive process as well as keeping us hydrated and improve nutrient intake. Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda is more commonly known to help reduce stomach acid and makes your tummy more comfortable. Magnesium Hydroxide is crucial for proper nerve and muscle function.

This is very beneficial for digestive health because the mineral is shown to encourage more frequent bowel movements even compared to laxatives, especially in elderly patients. Vitamin C on the other hand is not working directly but it will help with the absorption of iron and promoting gum as well as teeth health. Moving to Advocare, ginger is a popular herbal medicine used in so many cultures and it has carminative properties which means it helps preventing and eliminating gas as well as relaxes the smooth muscle of the intestines.

Boswellia Resin Extract or BSE is also extensively studied and the result seems to be positive because it shown to be effective in patients with ulcerative colitis and the treatment including this herbal is also beneficial in stool consistency as well as frequency. Turmeric is also a well-known herbal and the roots is shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect that contributes to healthy digestion, reducing gut inflammation, and gut permeability. The last is papaya which has thus enzyme called papain.

Outside medicinal use papain can be used to tenderize meat and this proteolytic enzyme is beneficial for digestive health because it will help breaks protein down into smaller protein fragments called peptides or amino acids. Additionally it is also rich in fiber and water to help avoid constipation and promote regularity.

Plexus and Advocare Dosage
To get the best benefit out of Plexus and Advocare digestive supplement, we also have to consume them regularly and especially with Plexus, we have to drink plenty of water when consuming the supplement since it will dehydrate your body. We are recommended to take two capsules per serving in between meals. Similarly, Advocare also recommend us to take the supplement before meals but we are only required to consume one capsule per serving.

Both of these digestive supplements are a good helper for anyone who needs to assist the digestive health, but they are also different because while the main concern of Plexus is to promote regularity, Advocare is also helping soothing the tummy especially if you often experience discomfort like reflux and heartburn. They are similarly made from beneficial ingredients but you need to take more Plexus capsules each day.

Plexus vs Advocare

- Plexus BioCleanse 180 Capsule Bottle
- Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.
- Digest-Ease Can Facilitate Digestion And Absorption To Help You Get Maximum Benefit From Your Daily Diet
- Digest-Ease Covers A Broad Area Of The Entire Process Instead Of Concentrating On One Aspect Of Digestion.

Digestive supplements are a very helpful source to improve digestive health and they are fairly affordable as well for a higher benefits. Any of these supplements will be beneficial for your guts but between the two, we recommend Plexus to support regularity due to its richer ingredient more specifically Magnesium.

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