Phenocal vs lipozene

Dieting is a very challenging process to shed some pounds and overall achieving a better fitness level thus will power is highly important but, we can also seek help from various diet supplements like Phenocal Vs Lipozene to assist the weight loss progress. They are very well-known to help dieters achieve their goals when consumed routinely and there have been many who experienced the benefits. For those who are currently battling with weight gain, see our article below to check which supplement will suit you better.

Phenocal vs lipozene
In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently trying to lose weight
– Are Diet Supplement Work
– What are Phenocal and Lipozene
– What Phenocal and Lipozene are made of
– What Phenocal and Lipozene can offer
– Are Phenocal and Lipozene Effective
– Phenocal Vs Lipozene

Losing Weight
Our current society is battling with weight gain and it shows because the number of overweight and obese people seems to continue rising year by year and it is very concerning because the huge accumulating fat storing in our body is well-known to also bring some health problems. The common diseases often caused by overweight are high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease because our organs can fail to work due to the huge accumulation of fats on many vital parts.

Our food system and choices can be included in the list of who to blame but it is better to fix ourselves first rather than waiting for a major change in the world when it comes to providing healthy food better. This is because nobody will love ourselves as great as how we can take care of it and since it is working hard everyday to keep us alive, at least we can do some adjustment on the lifestyle to support not only a healthy body and mind but also overall wellbeing.

Diet Supplement
When it comes to weight gain, there is weight loss as well and to achieve those ideal weight, we need to change the diet because it is what makes us gaining lots of fat in the first place. Diet methods are almost unlimited but not all of them are healthy in a long term or sustainable so it is wise to ask your nutritionist first before doing any diet program so then we can know which method will suit our body the most.

Restricting calories or avoiding carbs are two of the most popular diet methods many of us succeed with but they are also highly strict and some may not be able to follow the plan until shedding enough body fat. Besides diet and of course routine exercise, diet supplements or pills are also widely used to help people reduce body weight but, when it comes to effectivity, not all of them are well-documented and it can be a challenge to rely on them completely.

However, there are actually many researches about weight loss and substance that can aid weight loss programs such as the hugely popular green tea or caffeine in mate tea or coffee. These natural sources seems to have some effect on the body which is related to reduced appetite or preventing the body from storing fat. They can be effective as a complementary effort for your careful meal choices and routine exercise but still, there is no miracle that one can shed so much just by taking certain supplements.

About Phenocal and Lipozene
For those who are currently trying to lose weight or gain a better fitness, the best way is always making a better decision for our daily food intake and if possible avoid all processed foods as well as sugars while exercising to keep your body shape at top condition while in the process. Supplement can be very helpful as well, especially if you find it hard to control appetite or burning calories but we still have to consider their ingredients and see whether the promises are possible or not.

We have almost endless list of diet supplements in the market but not many are widely popular and when it comes to diet pills, Phenocal and Lipozene are two of the most well-known out there and it seems that many people have been experiencing the benefits of these supplements as well. They are similarly marketed as a complimentary for your diet routine and based ingredients from natural sources which makes them safer even for longer use because chances it will take time to lose body fat.

The promise of these types of diet supplements are always the same because they are using some common ingredients and taking the claim of research on the substance then relate it to their products however, the actual supplement itself often never a subject for scientific research so the exact composition of each pills/capsules may really work or acting just a placebo. The reason that supplement is not regulated by FDA is also concerned because they are not actually drug but considered as food. Read also: ViSalus Vs IsAgenix here.

To put it simply Phenocal and Lipozene will help you to lose weight thanks to their beneficial formulation and they are meant to keep you full or limiting appetite because this is commonly the culprit of our unsuccessful diet. What’s impressive is Phenocal also claimed that those who lose weight using the supplement lose it mostly from fat in case you are worried about losing muscle mass which is also certain in weight loss yet, it is still combined with proper diet and exercising.

Phenocal and Lipozene Ingredients
The first thing you may want to check when looking for a supplement is the ingredient list because here we can guess how the product should work or whether they are promising or not and it can be a powerful guide for your further shopping as well. Starting with Phenocal, this supplement is containing various vitamins and proprietary blend of substances including chromium, folic acid, fucoxanthin, glucomannan, cocoa extract, and hoodia gordonii while Lipozene only disclosure its amorphophallus konjac or konjac root.

Phenocal and Lipozene Benefits
Konjac root is a fiber and it is also called glucomannan or sometimes also called elephant yams and this fiber is used because of the extraordinary ability to absorb water since one capsule of this fiber will turn a glass of water into a gel like consistency. Besides being used in diet supplement it is also often found as a food additive and thickening or emulsifying them. If you are suffering from diabetes or doing ketogenic diet, the popular shirataki noodles is also made from this fiber.

This ability to absorb water is giving benefits for dieters because taken from Healthline it will make you feel more satisfied or reduced in appetite for it will come in contact with water in your stomach and expand filling them. It may also prevent the absorption of foods such as the fat and protein while also promoting good bacteria in the gut. With Phenocal, we also have chromium and it is used because of its effect on fat metabolism because it enhances the action of insulin.

Fucoxanthin is another interesting ingredient in this supplement and if you are not familiar yet with the substance, it is actually a carotenoid and an antioxidant which is found to have an effect of preventing the growth of fat tissue as well as reducing abdominal fat yet, this is done in the lab and not in humans. The last is hoodia gordonii and if you follow medical especially diet articles related to this ingredient, it seems that the ingredient is not working as claimed by many supplements.

The reason why it is popular in the first place is because Native American used to chew on it to suppress hunger but, in modern day, there is no evidence it can support the claim yet and the safety about this plant is still not clear as well because the quality of hoodia products are varying widely and in some cases, those products might contains ingredients with harmful potential.

Phenocal and Lipozene Efficacy
When it comes to efficacy, there is nothing certain about weight loss supplement and there are many people both on the “working” and “waste of money” side so the result is never certain. However, research especially done with glucomannan as a weight loss supplement are showing a positive results despite the fact that they are mostly done in smaller scale. There is one research with 176 patient randomly taking 1200-calorie diet with either glucomannan supplement or placebo.

The result showing that people who are taking glucomannan supplements are losing more weight approximately 3.7 pounds more than people who are taking placebo. In addition, newer review show the fiber benefit in obese or overweight people in the short term while longer period of time may lessening the efficacy of this fiber or approximately not working anymore after about 6 months and still, calorie restricted diet is a necessary companion.

No matter whether you take supplements or not, the key for successful diet is restricting the food intake and exercising. None of Phenocal and Lipozene will shed those extra fat without additional effort and in our opinion, what sets them apart is only the ingredient because Phenocal is using various far wider range of natural ingredients, one of them is green tea which is known for aiding metabolism.

Phenocal vs lipozene

- Lipozene has helped people lose weight and maintain their weight loss goals for 15 years
-As a dietary supplement take 2 capsules 30 minutes before meals up to three times per day with at least 8oz. of water

Both of them are a promising diet supplement with ingredients that seems to work in aiding weight loss but, to get more benefit from those various ingredients we do see Phenocal as a more promising supplement.

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