Nutrisystem Vs Medifast

Diet is an important issue nowadays, there are a lot of commercial and ads that offer diet programs, and it makes you interested in doing diet, but you are not good at cooking, these two diet programs might be best choices for you. They are similar, but which one is better?

The Diet Plans
You have to eat every 2 – 3 hours which means you eat six times a day, you do need to worry because you will not feel hungry. (Read also: WonderSlim Vs Medifast)

Nutrisystem is a diet program that allows you to choose the diet plan as your requirement. It provides prepackaged food that will be delivered to your home. Nutrisystem has seven eating times; breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack. This diet program provides eight plans; basic, core, and uniquely yours, vegetarian, basic-diabetes, core-diabetes, uniquely yours-diabetes, and men`s. All of them are for weeks plan with meals delivered, the basic plan is the cheapest but you cannot choose your meals, and there are no frozen foods. `Uniquely your` plan is a complete plan; you can have unlimited access to expert counselors and dietitians, you can also customize your meals, so it is flexible to decide what you want to eat.

Medifast is a lower calorie program; it has the same diet program as Nutrisystem, they both provide prepackaged food. The concept is you eat five meal replacements and one meal that you provide yourself. It has only two plans; Medifast flex and Medifast glow. It only offers two plans; Medifast flex is a diet plan for those who have flexible time to eat and they can lose their weight gradually, while Medifast go is for busy people and just need to follow the program, and it claims it can give you a fast result. It offers 14 to 30 days plan. It claims that you can lose your weight about 2-5 pounds within two weeks.

The Meals
Nutrisystem has more diet meals than Medifast. It has over 150 menu items that are prepared by 40 professional chefs like oatmeals, cake, crackers, popcorn, burger, and much more. It includes 4-5 times for meals, 1-2 times for lean and green meals, and one time for a healthy snack.
Medifast has over 147 meals; it includes five times for meals, one time for lean and green meals, and one time for healthy snack. Medifast also offers frozen lean and green meals that can be bought separately if you are too busy and do not have time to prepare your food.

The Cost
Medifast offers the lower price than Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem cost range from $9.99 to $11.99 per day. You do not need to pay for membership. Medifast price range from $4.96 to $13.3 per day. They also provide weight-loss plans with 30-day kits and money-back guarantee so you can save 28% if you buy it on their official website.

Counseling and Support
Before you decided to buy their products, it will be better if you ask for information about the product whether it is safe for you or not. Nutrisystem offers live chat on their website, phone them, or you can email them to know further information related to your diet. It also has unlimited counseling for free. While Medifast provides online chat on their official website, you can call them through the website, or contact them through e-mail.

- Pack of 4 5-count packets of powdered shakes (total of 20 shakes)
- Delicious chocolate flavor
- Excellent source of protein
- Excellent source of fiber
- Helps crush hunger
- Only 100 Calories Per Serving
- Whopping 14 grams protein
- Delicious Strawberry Flavor
- Only 1/2 gram of Fat
- Gluten Free

Every diet program has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, people will prefer to choose the diet program which has more advantages. From these two diet program; Medifast and Medifast, Medifast is in the first place. It offers many choices so you can choose as you want, it also has unlimited counseling for free, even it is quite pricey for the package than Medifast. But it is pretty worth it to try.

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