Nutrisystem Vs Atkins

Nutrisystem and Atkins are companies to help people in losing their weight. Both companies provide prepackaged food you can buy online, this is suitable for you who want to do diet but you are not good at cooking. They have a similar concept, but how these products compare to each other? Which one should we choose? Let’s review them.

Diet Plans
Nutrisystem concern on the glycemic index, it is managing your appetite so it can help you to lose your weight. It has more eating times than Atkins; it has seven eating times; breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack. Nutrisystem provides three main plans; basic, core, and uniquely yours, but they also have other plans for vegetarian and people with diabetes. Among the plans, ‘uniquely yours’ is a complete diet plan, you can choose your meals, you will have unlimited access to expert counselors and dietitians, and you can choose from over 150 foods including the frozen foods. If you have more eating times, you will not get hungry.

Atkins focuses on the carbohydrates that affect to your blood sugar. In Atkins diet, you will be restricted your carbs intake. It has five eating times; breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and dinner. For diet plan, Atkins only offers two; Atkins 20 and Atkins 40. Atkins 20 is a classic diet plan for pre-diabetic and diabetic; you limit your carbs intake about 20 grams. Atkins 40 offers many kinds of meals from the beginning, you limit your carbs intake about 40 grams. It can be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding, and this is what Nutrisystem does not offer. It also has a diet plan for vegetarian.

The Meals
Nutrisystem has more diet meals than Medifast. It has over 150 menu items (in uniquely yours diet plan) that are prepared by 40 professional chefs like oatmeals, cake, crackers, popcorn, burger, and much more. Atkins offers some meal kits, bars, lift protein bars and drinks, frozen meals, shakes, and sweets. Unlike Nutrisystem where we can eat our favorite food, there are some foods you have to avoid like pasta, bread, potatoes, chips, candy, and cookies because Atkins diet limits the carbs intake.

The cost
Nutrisystem is more expensive than Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem cost range from $9.99 to $11.99 per day. You do not need to pay for membership, and it has money-back guarantee. The Atkins meals start from $8 to $13 per product. Atkin does not offer money-back guarantee if you did not success in losing your weight. If we buy food from Atkins, means that it will be more expensive if we eat five times a day.

Counseling and Support
Before you decided to buy their products, it will be better if you ask for information about the product whether it is safe for you or not. Both of these companies provide counseling and support through phone, mailing address, and email.

- Pack of 4 5-count packets of powdered shakes (total of 20 shakes)
- Delicious chocolate flavor
- Excellent source of protein
- Excellent source of fiber
- Helps crush hunger
- Delicious, creamy milk chocolate flavor
- Only 1g Sugar and 2g Net Carbs per Serving
- Excellent Source of Protein & Calcium
- No added sugar. Great for a low carb lifestyle!
- Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrisystem might be the best choice for your diet plan. It has seven eating times so you will not feel hungry and you still can eat your favorite food, you do not have to avoid particular meals. It also has lower price than Atkins, there are some diet plans in Nutrisystem you can choose to fix it with your budget.

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