Nepro Vs Glucerna

If you have a specific health condition, you may need to manage your diet very carefully. You have to make sure that the foods that you eat will not worsen your condition. In the following article, we are going to discuss the comparisons between Nepro vs Glucerna. Both of these two products are often recommended for people with diabetes or kidney disease. However, these two products are tailored with different nutritional values that make them suitable for different needs and conditions.

About Nepro
Nepro is a nutritional drink designed for people who need to restrict their electrolyte and fluid intakes. It is designed for people on dialysis, too, similar to Nepro vs Suplena. It contains various proteins and nutrients so that it can help you recover after a dialysis treatment. Nepro helps to raise and maintain the albumin levels in the body, improve the overall nutritional well-being, and restore the nutritional balance without adding any excess fluid or waste. Nepro is also enriched with the CarbSteady blend that provides slow-release carbohydrates to prevent blood sugar spikes.

Nepro is designed to provide adequate calories and high protein levels. However, it is also carefully formulated to contain low levels of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Each 8 fl. oz. serving of Nepro provides 425 kcal, 19.1 grams protein, 22.7 grams total fat, and 37.9 grams total carbohydrate.

Neprocomes with three flavors, which are Homemade Vanilla, Mixed Berry, and Butter Pecan. It is available in the canned powder form and also in ready-to-drink bottles.

About Glucerna
On the other hand, Glucerna is available in the canned powder form, in ready-to-drink bottles, and also as mini snack bars. Glucerna has been designed as a meal/snack replacement. It is available in four flavors, which include Rich Chocolate, Creamy Strawberry, Classic Butter Pecan, and Homemade Vanilla.

Glucerna is especially recommended for people with diabetes. This is because it comes with the CarbSteady blend of slow-release carbohydrates, which can prevent blood sugar spikes. In addition, its carbohydrate and sugar levels are relatively low, which are 16 grams and 4 grams respectively. Furthermore, each serving provides 180 calories, 10 grams of protein, 138 mg of choline, and 9 grams of fat. There are various vitamins and minerals to support the body.

Choosing the Right Drink
As explained above, Nepro is more recommended for people with kidney problems and people on dialysis. On the other hand, Glucerna is more suitable for people with diabetes.

Nepro contains much lower levels of vitamin K and phosphorus. If you have a kidney problem, you have to avoid these substances. However, Nepro has significantly higher levels of carbs and sugars, which is why it is not recommended for diabetic people. On the other hand, Glucerna’s low levels of carbs and sugars are the reason why Glucerna is more recommended for diabetic people.

How about the people with both diabetes and kidney problems? Nepro is the way to go. This is because high glucose is much easier to medicate than high potassium. To lower the glucose level, you can give more insulin. There are also several other alternatives for adjusting the carbohydrate level. On the other hand, a high potassium level can kill the person right away if goes unchecked.

- Case of 24 8-ounce cans of vanilla flavored nutrition beverage (total of 192 ounces)
- Complete, balanced high-calorie nutrition; specifically designed to meet the nutrition needs of people on dialysis
- Quickly and conveniently replaces protein and other nutrients lost during dialysis
- Provides at least 100% of the RDI for 18 key vitamins and minerals; high-calcium, low-phosphorus and lactose-free
- Glucerna Shake is designed as a meal or snack replacement and includes CARBSTEADY, unique blends of slow-release carbohydrates to help minimize blood sugar spikes
- Includes 10 grams of protein, 180 calories and 138 mg of choline per serving, which is 25% of the Daily Value for choline
- From the #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended brand for people with diabetes
- Available in Rich Chocolate, Classic Butter Pecan, Creamy Strawberry and Homemade Vanilla

Glucerna is great for people with diabetes because of the low carbohydrate and sugar levels. On the other hand, Nepro is more recommended for kidney problems and dialysis. If you have both diabetes and kidney problems, Nepro is much more recommended. This is because high sugar level is easier to medicate than high potassium level.

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