Modere vs Plexus

We lose weight for different reasons, sometimes it can be for aesthetic and sometimes it is a must to save our lives. Dieting is never an easy journey because it requires lots of will power and continuous effort but, worry not because we also have a plethora of diet supplement like those from Modere vs Plexus to help you get through the process successfully. They are a very reliable companion and if you also considering these brands, see which will be the best choice below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is Diet Supplement effective
– What are Modere and Plexus
– How are the Supplement of Modere and Plexus
– What Modere and Plexus Supplement are Made of
– What Modere and Plexus Supplement can offer
– How to Consume Modere and Plexus Supplement
– Modere Vs Plexus

Losing Weight with Diet Supplement

Weight gain is something that almost none of us want to experience except for those who seemingly can’t gain weight no matter how much they consume. They are indeed exist and we are sure many of us have friends or family with the same benefits that all of us are envious about. Ideal body goal appeals to both men and women but the process to achieve those goals are never easy and so many of us have been failed several times already.

Dieting is probably one of the hardest process we have to endure to lose weight and while it is not going to be a road full of roses, it will be worth it when you see the scale is dropping lots of pounds and those old shirts are looking fine again. However, not all of us want to be patient when dieting or doing a new lifestyle and it is understandable because not all of us are willing to wait such a long time or worried about losing will power.

This is probably why we are offered by so many diet supplements out there that not only promise to help you lose weight but also do it faster. Diet supplement is on a high demand almost at every generation because they are seemingly like a wonderful, magic pills or cure to our excess body fat. The issue is not all of them are effective on all people and the one used by our friend may not be as useful for us.

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Efficacy has been the hot topic when it comes to diet supplement and we have to take all of their claims with a grain of salt since they are not going to be as effective as what the box says. The harsh reality is, taken from MayoClinic there is no magic bullet for losing weight and the most effective way to lose body fat is by eating a healthy low-calorie diet and being more physically active or leave those sedentary life for good.

But, it doesn’t mean all diet supplements are not useful because there are many that can aid your diet and healthy lifestyle so we can achieve the goal faster or be more effective. Natural plant extract like Garcinia Cambogia is one of them thanks to its hydroxycitric acid or HCA which was studied to show an inhibiting effect on a fat-producing enzyme in the body as well as increase the serotonin level and even has the potential to reduce cravings.

About Modere and Plexus

Other than Garcinia Cambogia, there are various other ingredients which found or at least believed to promote weight loss so dietary supplement my use a combination of them; some may be similar and some may not depending on the goal of each supplement. This is why it is always better to check out their ingredients first before purchasing one because it should match with your goal, whether it is to handle craving, burning calories, blocking carbs, improving gut health, etc.

As a popular supplement that has been around since the late 1800s, there will be a plethora of brands out there offering their own formulation and while it can take some time to choose, we better pick based on the ingredients and how they will deliver the benefit. For those who are looking for a supplement to help aiding their new, healthier lifestyle, Modere and Plexus are two of the best companies to look at. Most of you may know them as a health and wellness brands but they also popular in terms of innovative supplements.

They are offering various supplements in the collection so you may want to consider the best choice first yet, if handling craves and reducing carbs are what you want to achieve from the diet, Carb Blocker and Slim Hunger Control are a very ideal products to choose. These supplements are well-known to help dieters reaching their weight goal because both are designed to assist the on-going diet or new lifestyle choice. They are also convenient and can be used by both male and female dieters.

For starters, this Plexus supplement is formulated to make you feel satiated despite being on a diet because we all know that craving is one of the biggest enemy since it makes us feels weak and even attack our will power every now and then. On the other hand, the supplement we pick today from Modere is Carb blocker and as the name suggests, it is meant to block the carb digestion process thanks to its ingredients and is very ideal for anyone who is doing a low-carb diet in general.

Modere and Plexus Supplement and Price

Diet supplements can be very expensive sometimes because of the rarity of their ingredients but thankfully, none of these supplements from Modere and Plexus are pricey; for example a 90 capsules of Modere Carb Blocker is only sold at $54.99 and this can last for quite an amount of time. On the other hand Plexus Slim is more like a tasty drink we can enjoy in the middle of the day because this supplement is very refreshing, just like a smoothie.

Diet capsule is very convenient to carry around for we only need water to take them but they are not good news for people who have issue with drinking solids and while Plexus is not as convenient to carry around, it is fun to enjoy since we don’t think of it as a supplement at all. Another thing we love the most from this drink is its taste because it is made from natural flavors, very refreshing, and sweetened with Stevia. Read also: Vivri vs Isagenix.

Modere and Plexus Ingredients

The first thing and most important point to check out when getting any supplement including diet supplement is their ingredients so let’s see what Modere and Plexus are made of. Starting with the Carb Blocker, this supplement is very simple, if not one of the simplest diet capsules we have seen because it only consists of Phaseolus vulgaris or white kidney bean and hibiscus flower. On the other side Plexus is a little bit more complicated with Polydextrose, Green coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, Alpha lipoic acid, and Mulberry fruit extract.

Modere and Plexus Benefits

Now comes into the benefit of those ingredients and with Modere Carb Blocker, their main ingredient white kidney bean is actually found to be beneficial for weight loss because the recent review in Current Obesity Reports back then in 2016, a component called phaseolamin in this bean is clinically proven to reduce glucose absorption in dose ranging from 1.5 to 6 grams per day. The benefit was even proven far earlier in 2007 in which overweight men and women did show a reduction in fat mass when taking phaseolus vulgaris supplement.

The next hibiscus flower is a little bit uncertain but there are many studies giving off an idea that it can support weight loss; one of them is done in 36 participants who are overweight and given hibiscus extract or a placebo. In 12 weeks the people consuming hibiscus extract shown a reduction in body weight, body fat and body mass index as well as hip to waist ratio. Moving to Plexus, the first ingredient is Polydextrose and it comes from corn, used as bulking agent and stabilizer so a product can retain its perfect moisture.

The ingredient is often used as a laxative and it is a source of dietary fiber that you can add to food to reduce sugar content while also increasing the fiber content especially on foods which are designed to be sugar-free. Second is Green coffee and it is simply coffee that haven’t been roasted yet. Coffee is high in caffeine and this substance has long been known to improve metabolism but the star substance here is actually called Chlorogenic acid which is also beneficial.

Some humans studied done with this substance is showing that it can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in your digestive tract thus, it will also lower blood sugar and insulin spikes. Third is Garcinia Cambogia or also called Malabar tamarind and as it has been mentioned above, this ingredient is showing benefit in animal studies to inhibit a fat-producing enzyme in the body and increase serotonin level as well as reduce cravings.

Next is Alpha lipoic acid or ALA and this ingredient has been long promoted as weight loss supplement and while more studies should be done to prove the benefit further, it is indeed showing a small yet significant short-term weight loss compared to placebo in a study. The last is Mulberry extract in which the fruit has a compound called rutin that suggests to help obesity. In a study, rutin was given to mice and it shown to activate brown adipose tissue or brown fat.

It is led to increased energy expenditure, better glucose homeostasis or balance between insulin and glucagon which maintain glucose level, as well as fat reduction. In more details rutin acts as “cold mimetic” or activating a specific signaling cascade to increase activity of UCP1 gene together with the number of mitochondria in brown fat.

Modere and Plexus Dosage

To get the best benefit out of these supplements, we also have to consume them routinely and similar to most weight loss pills, Modere is recommended to be taken 3 capsules once per day with meal to block the carb digestion from your foods. Plexus with its Slim Hunger Control is fun to consume because we can drink it like smoothie by mixing it with 12-20 ounce of water and it should be taken 30-60 minutes before meals, once or twice a day.


Modere and Plexus are a good choice for anyone who is doing a diet process because their ingredients are proven to be working in aiding weight loss. However, they are also different because Plexus especially the Slim Hunger Control is not only going to help you lose weight by reducing sugar content and adding fiber but also makes you feel satiated before meal thus, we can reduce the food intake and be more mindful about the next meal.

Modere vs Plexus

- Kidney Bean Extract Blocks the Effects of Starchy Foods
- Lower the Glycemic Index of Starchy Foods
- Puts your Body in a Ketogenic Fatburning State
- Helps Reduce Hunger
- Supports Healthy Glucose Metabolism
- 20 Calories per serving


Both of them are a good supplement that we can try but comparing the two, those who want things to be simpler and convenient can choose Modere but if you often craves while dieting, we do recommend Plexus.

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