Keto BHB Vs Keto MAX

Keto diet is very popular and they are effective as well to both maintain body weight as well as losing excess fat. You can try dieting without any supplement naturally but there are also solutions that we can try such as Keto BHB Vs Keto MAX. These supplements are helpful since they are formulated to help your body get into ketosis stage which is usually very difficult. If you wonder which of these supplements will be the better option, see below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are Diet Methods to Try
  • What are Keto BHB and Keto MAX
  • How are the Solutions of Keto BHB and Keto MAX
  • What are the Ingredients of Keto BHB and Keto MAX
  • What are the Benefits of Keto BHB and Keto MAX
  • What are the Side Effects of Keto BHB and Keto MAX
  • Keto BHB Vs Keto MAX

Diet Methods

Many of us are struggling from being overweight due to excess body fat whether it is from inactivity or bad diet and lifestyle. Since excess body fat is always related to health problems and difficulties to do various activities everyday, it is better to stay at the healthy weight range according to our height. If you are also currently fighting to lose some fat, there are lots of diet methods to choose from based on their efficacy and popularity which have been proven to be quite effective.

  1. Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most talked about diets recently and what’s even more interesting is because it is also recommended by doctor or professionals to improve health and be good for long-term application. This diet is shown to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases and improve overall mortality. Unlike many types of diet, this one recommends to include a wide variety of foods while reducing poultry into moderation, sweets to occasionally, and wine for dinner. It is rich in a variety of nutrients while also easier to sustain.
  2. DASH or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is also often recommended by doctors for the optimal health especially in the long term. In practice this diet is emphasizing on reducing sugar, fats, as well as red meats; the type of food of American diet. It is putting fiber-filled fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, as well as lean protein. But, it is kind of inconvenient because we will need to do meal-preparing and the guidelines aren’t very comprehensive as well.
  3. Next is intermittent fasting which we are sure most people are already familiar with. This method limits the food intake only at certain periods and focuses on when you eat instead of what you eat. The time windows for eating and fasting varies widely and customizable depending on the dieters. As you can expect fasting will cause weight loss but there are some health drawbacks from this method such as eating disorders, disrupted sleep, decreased alertness, and increased cortisol.
  4. In modern days we realize there are so many questionable ethics in the food industry which lead people to choose veganism. Still quite popular some physicians recommend this diet for long-term health but the drawback is of course, it is very strict since we can only consume plant-based products, including those incorporated in packed foods like snacks. In some studies veganism can cause B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, and essential amino acids deficiencies often found in animal-based protein.
 Keto BHBKeto MAX
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About Keto BHB and Keto MAX

The last but not less hyped and popular diet method which is also the focus of today’s comparison is ketogenic diet. Most people are already familiar with this term but probably some still not aware of how to do this diet or how they work. Ketogenic or keto diet is essentially very low in carbohydrates and moderate in protein while at same time high in fats; dominantly healthy types of fats. The method is by starving our body from carbs so naturally we have to avoid common food like pasta, bread, rice, and grains or legumes.

For those who have tried this diet you must already know how difficult it is to shift into the new diet and very often craving for carbs especially for the first several days or even weeks. It is a bit confusing as well since different foods have different amounts of carbs and we have to maintain the amount depending on what plan you choose to follow. Due to these difficulties, it is quite hard to sustain the lifestyle while at the same time not impossible as well.

To help dieters maintain or reach the ketosis stage, there are various supplements to consider in order to help the diet process. Keto BHB and Keto MAX are two of the most popular and recent supplements that offer help by supplying the body with BHB salt. BHB is not as familiar for most people and this is short of beta-hydroxybutyric acid which is one of the three physiological ketones produced in the body or our liver but at the same time BHB is not ketone as well.

The difference of BHB and ketone is in their chemical structure because the ketone in our body has a carbonyl bond where there carbon molecule is attached to oxygen with two other carbon atoms with a single bond, the BHB on the other hand has a double bond to oxygen bound to only one carbon. The reason why it is used is because of the close relation to the ketone in our body called acetoacetate or AcAc and acetone. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs Animal PAK here.

Keto BHB and Keto MAX Supplements

Keto BHB is the name of the supplement itself so you can find tons of Keto BHB from various brands but today we will see the one from Toplux similar to Keto MAX that is available from different brands but this time we are choosing one that is a supplement brand from Mont Fabra. Unlike typical diet supplements, Keto BHB can be available in either powder or capsule form but for these two variants they are the more convenient capsule solution for ease of use.

Just like most capsules, Keto BHB and Keto MAX don’t have a particular taste and since they are capsules, when swallowed with water there is no aftertaste at all including any strange smell, if anything these supplements don’t smell like anything too. There is no information whether these capsules are vegetarian as well since they use gelatin here which is undisclosed whether they are animal or plant-based. As for the price, the Keto BHB from Toplux cost $23.97 for 60 capsules while the Keto MAX from Fabra is cheaper at $18.88 for the same amount.

Keto BHB and Keto MAX Ingredients

Just like when shopping for anything that we will put in our body, we have to check what Keto BHB and Keto MAX are made of and while BHB is naturally forming in our body, they can be replicated in the lab as well which is why we can take them as supplement today. Their ingredients are also very similar to each other here for example the Keto BHB is made of Calcium BHB at 62mg, Magnesium BHB at 32mg, Sodium BHB at 10mg or minerals goBHB blend at 800mg.

On the other hand Keto MAX by Fabra is also using the same Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium BHB in their formulation until reaching 800mg but, this supplement is also adding more in their proprietary blend which is caffeine anhydrous.

Keto BHB and Keto MAX Benefits

Now for the benefits, all diet supplements are always very interesting to consider since they can help or boost your diet process. Exogenous ketosis supplements such as Keto BHB and Keto MAX are made of synthetic source out of the body and are in the form of salts but the more expensive one can be ketone esters as well which is not readily available yet. There is a study with people consuming 12 grams of ketone salt shown to increase the ketone blood levels by over 300%.

This is very promising knowing ketosis is very difficult to reach and depending on the body it can take days of very low carb diet to succeed. In addition, Exogenous ketones like supplements also seem to decrease appetite based on a study with 15 people but this is done with ketone esters and not salt. The result of ketones esters is lowering the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin between two and four hours after drinking the formulation.

Keto BHB and Keto MAX Side Effects

On the drawback, taking ketones supplements is not always good as well and need to be controlled because they can increase the ketone in our blood to become too high and too acidic that it can be dangerous so when there is too much ketones in the blood, our body will stop or naturally slow down the production. To put it simply, the higher the blood ketone level, the less the body produces and it may prevent body fat from being used as energy which is the exact opposite of what we want.

Keto BHB Vs Keto MAX

Both of these supplements are beneficial but the usage needs to be controlled and to not make the blood become too acidic. They are good as a transition from regular to ketogenic diet but not that ideal for long term use, especially since they contain quite a high amount of minerals per serving and this will be added into our diet as well. The difference between Keto BHB and Keto MAX is only due to their blend because the latter add caffeine here which is a known stimulant for increased alertness and extra energy.

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You should consult a physician first to get the most benefit from using exogenous ketone supplements. These brands have similar formulations so you can try any of them but if you need the extra energy, we recommend Keto MAX with its caffeine.

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