Hydroxycut vs Ultra Ripped

Diet supplements are very popular because of their promise to help you lose fat, gain muscle, or even more energized during the day. There are lots of them and the list can go endless but not all are proven effective. If your goal is to lose weight but also getting fitter through exercise, Hydroxycut Vs Ultra Ripped are two great supplements to try and before deciding to choose one, check below to see what they can offer and which of them will fit your body the best.

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  • Hydroxycut Vs Ultra Ripped

Weight Loss

Dieting and trying to lose weight is not the best experience in life as many of us have struggled to finish the journey as quickly as possible or change the habit that we have used to for years. Shedding those extra pounds can’t be instant and we have to commit as well as be patient to achieve the goal in which it is not so rare that we have to meet failure during the process. However, it is not a reason to stop as we know the result will be worth it.

Weight gain, overweight, and obesity is one of our current health problems and it is not only happening in huge countries only but also those smaller and developing nations. Rapid weight gains can be caused by various factors but unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are two of the biggest contributors to this problem. It may sound traditional, but for the most cases we have to start fixing the eating habit including choosing better, whole foods as well as starting to be as active as possible.

Dieting and lifestyle or habit changing will never be easy because we have to put so much effort and determination to defeat ourselves. Trying to eat in smaller portions and ditch all the processed foods or learn to cook the meals from scratch will be a great start so we know what we put in our body and be more mindful about it. If you are very busy, we can try fasting or use diet products that can be prepared in a short time.

Weight Loss Supplement

Another solution to weight loss is by using supplements but it is not a standalone solution that we can use without putting another effort since it seems that many people still think that consuming supplements will make them lose the fat without doing anything. There is no miracle and silver bullet to weight loss without reducing food intake, choosing better food options, as well as helping our body by exercising and spending more energy. The supplement itself can be made from various ingredients to make the process more effective.

HydroxycutUltra Ripped
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Weight loss products usually are made with a mix of ingredients in which many are naturally sourced such as caffeine from green tea or coffee. The concern about weight loss supplements is since they are not as strictly regulated, we never know the efficacy of the product before trying for a period of time. Depending on the supplement the benefits can vary, for example Garcinia Cambogia Vs Glucomannan are known to help dieting by suppressing the user’s appetite thus we will be able to consume less.

About Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped

Since weight loss supplements have different mechanisms based on the ingredients, it is best to choose the one that meets your preference. Some people may prefer to seek help from the supplement in terms of limiting their food consumption or help burning more calories from the food they have eaten. In general weight loss products usually promise a more effective result compared to when you are dieting and exercising without using a certain solution. Price wise, natural products are usually cheaper than those with more complex formulation.

When you browse through the shelves and weight loss products, there are tons of brands and supplements we can find which is great as you can choose freely based on what you need but can be confusing as well. Personally we prefer to stick with well-known names or solutions not because they are popular but because they have many users already hence, the safety and efficacy are more reliable compared to those names we never heard. Among those names Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped are two brands often recommended.

These supplements are probably widely popular as well due to their efficacy and interesting formulation. Hydroxycut is a product by MuscleTech Research and Development that was sold to Iovate Health Sciences and the brand itself is still used to market the product today. They have changed the formulation in the past, prominently due to a certain ingredient. The attractive claim that you can lose almost 11 lbs. in approximately two months did bring lots of users to try what this supplement can offer.

Ultra Ripped on the other hand is manufactured and marketed by Ultimate Nutrition which is focusing on sports nutrition as well as active lifestyle products. This product focus is to help you lose weight through its unique formulation both to prevent overconsumption as well as increasing the metabolism. Just like any weight loss supplements, Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped are not made to replace your effort both in dieting and exercising but to optimize the process thus, we will still need to be active and control the consumption to reap these supplement’s benefits.

Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped Capsule and Price

These supplements are not very expensive considering the huge claim but we do highly recommend to shop on trusted sellers and try checking their reviews first because it seems there are many fake products especially for Hydroxycut out there. These products come in a capsule form which is standard size and can go down easily if you don’t have problems with consuming supplements or medicine in the past. The Hydroxycut capsule is bright red while the Ultra Ripped is transparent with the light brown formulation powder insider. 

Depending on where you get the supplements, the Ultra Ripped 180 count is sold at $32.49 per bottle and this can last for a few months which is very affordable. As for the Hydroxycut, the 100 capsule bottle is currently at $26.99 and this also can last more than a month based on their dosage recommendation.

Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped Ingredients

The first rule when looking for any supplement or solution is checking out their ingredients as here we can guess what they can offer. Hydroxycut seems to change their formulation a few times already and when this comparison was made, their ingredients are caffeine anhydrous, chlorogenic acid, forskolin, L-theanine, theobromine, and yohimbe. On the other hand Ultra Ripped has chromium, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and a proprietary blend which is made of guarana, green tea, as well as white willow bark extract. 

Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped Benefits

As you can see, Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped do have a quite amount of caffeine in their formulation since this compound can be found in both coffee and tea, as well as in guarana. Caffeine itself has been long known to aid weight loss and it is due to its ability to increase your metabolism. There are studies showing that caffeine can increase rest metabolic rate at 3-11% following the amount of dose. Coffee also helps mobilize fat from fat tissue or tells the nervous system to break down fat.

These supplements use caffeine both for the weight loss benefits and how it acts as stimulant which is great because it means you can feel energized more during the day and even improve your training or improve our focus. Chlorogenic acid is found in green coffee and acts like caffeine but an older study suggests that it can also help with blood pressure and even reducing insulin spikes during carbohydrate absorption in our digestive tract. Forskolin is still relatively new and small studies on this ingredient seem promising.

It is said to help with fat metabolism as it stimulates the release of fat stored from fat cells and it increases free testosterone which may partly affect both fat loss as well as promoting muscle mass increase. Moving to Ultra Ripped, Chromium is known as one of the solutions to treat those with insulin problems because the supplement can improve blood sugar in people with diabetes as it can lower the level. What’s more interesting is it can reduce food cravings or appetite too.

Garcinia cambogia also has the same effect which is reducing food consumption as it suppresses your appetite but the HCA which is found in the fruit also blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase that is used by our body to make fat. As for bitter orange, this ingredient is a bit controversial because it contains synephrine which is similar to ephedra; the drug removed from Hydroxycut as it was banned by FDA due to its risk of increasing blood pressure, linked to heart attack and strokes.

Hydroxycut and Ultra Ripped Benefits Dosage

To reap a benefit from these supplements, we also have to follow their dosage and recommendation. Starting with Hydroxycut, this supplement is recommended to be taken once a day, one capsule for the first three days from 30 to 6 minutes before the main meals and then continued with two capsules twice daily for the next day and beyond. With Ultra Ripped, the first week dosage is one capsule with 8 ounce of water two times a day, and two capsules two times daily for the rest of the usage.

Hydroxycut vs Ultra Ripped

These supplements are very attractive and the ingredients they have used are all proven to be useful through some studies as well. Both have quite the amount of caffeine which is responsible for your energy level and metabolism, together with some other useful ingredients. What’s concerning is that Ultra Ripped has this bitter orange that is known to contain synephrine and while it is very effective for weight loss, the risk and side effects can be severe.

- Designed for hardcore weight loss: Hydroxycut Hardcore has been designed to help you achieve the significant weight loss results you’ve been looking for
- Delivers extreme energy and enhanced focus: Fuel your most intense workouts and tackle your jam packed days with a scientifically researched dose of caffeine anhydrous
- Ultimate thermogenic experience: Combined with more unique sensory enhancing ingredients, including Coleus forskohlii and L theanine, this supplement delivers a one of a kind sensory experience
- Science backed key weight loss ingredient: Get advanced weight loss from Green Coffee Bean extract researched to show significant results in two scientific studies
- Tested for quality and purity: Fully disclosed ingredients that undergo strict quality control, and is third party tested and verified to ensure that each bottle meets the highest standards of purity
- NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS PILLS - Ultra Ripped is fueled by natural healthy ingredients that promote long term health.
- POWERFUL FAT BURNER - Ultra Ripped stimulates even the most sedentary of metabolisms to shred fat while maintaining lean muscle mass
- GUARANA AND GREEN TEA - These two natural ingredients work in unison to maximize your weight loss and muscle gain results - They also help your body operate in peak condition during and after working out
- TURBO CHARGE YOUR WORKOUT - Ultra Ripped is designed to TURBO CHARGE your metabolism and help you shed weight like never before


You can pick any of these supplements but with considering the possible side effects and whether they are safe for you or not. Personally we will choose Hydroxycut because its ingredients list or formulation is safer.


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