Herbalife Vs Visalus

Protein shakes are especially popular among dieters who try to lose weight. Such protein shakes designed specially for weight loss are usually low in calorie and enriched with fiber to help control your hunger and cravings. Weight loss is achieved by cutting down your calorie intake so that you can burn more calories than you eat – and protein shakes can help with that. Now, we are going to discuss about Herbalife and Visalus, whose protein shakes are popular on the market. Even though not many people like the business model that the companies use, we can’t judge a product just by the business model. So, how do Herbalife vs Visalus shakes compare to each other? Which one is the better product for the money?

Nutritional Values and Ingredients
The most important things to consider when choosing a protein shake for weight loss are the nutritional values and ingredients. You have to make sure that the product has the right nutrients that you need. If you have an allergy, avoid products that contain the allergens. Try to reduce your total calorie intake, carbs, and sugar. Focus on protein and fiber for the best appetite suppression effects, and get enough vitamins and minerals to prevent cravings.

Herbalife’s Formula 1 Nutritional Shake actually has only 90 calories per serving, which is lower than Visalus’ Vi-Shape shake. It also has less carbs and fat, which are respectively just 13 grams and 1 gram. However, Herbalife has high levels of sugar and sodium. Each serving provides 9 grams of sugar and 95 mg of sodium. In addition, Herbalife only contains 9 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. The protein content is acquired from soy.

On the other hand, Visalus’ Vi-Shape shake provides 140 calories per serving with 19 grams of carbs, 6 6 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of fat. Each serving only gives 75 mg of sodium – the lower, the better. But the protein content is 15 grams and the fiber content is 6 grams, both are higher. The protein content is acquired from a variety of ingredients which include milk, whey, and soy.

Both Herbalife vs Visalus shakes are gluten-free. However, they do contain dairy products and soy.

Visalus is a more effective product for controlling your hunger and cravings. It has more protein and fiber, so it can fill your stomach more and prevent hunger for a few more hours. It is also enriched with vitamins and minerals to prevent cravings that are caused by insufficient intake of them. On the other hand, even though Herbalife has lower calorie levels, the shake probably won’t help much to block your hunger and cravings.

The flavor can be a subjective matter, but there are notable differences here between Herbalife and Visalus shakes. Herbalife provides a variety of options, such as Cafe Latte, Cookies ‘n Cream, and Tropical Fruit. They taste nice, and they mix well. On the other hand, Visalus comes with the Sweet Cream flavor, which you can customize by adding mix-in flavors or ingredients. While the original flavor already tastes great, adding some varieties will make your diet less boring!

- For Healthy Nutrition & Weight Managament
- Brand New, Factory Sealed
- The Shake Mix that tastes like a cake mix!
- Low fat, sodium, sugar
- Full Serving of Fiber
- Non-GMO Soy protein Isolate for heart health

Finally, we recommend you to choose the Visalus shake. It is more effective for blocking hunger and cravings, and it is also healthier due to containing less sugar and sodium.

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