Ensure Enlive Vs Ensure Plus

Is there any way to lose weight conveniently without having to prepare powder shakes by yourself every morning? Yes, there is! If you haven’t heard about Ensure, you should know that Ensure has produced a variety of ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes for your convenience. These shakes have been precisely designed to provide all-in-one nutrition and nutrients so that you can shed some pounds without compromising your overall health. But there are several different Ensure products, so choosing one can be confusing. Below, we will see the differences between Ensure Enlive vs Ensure Plus to help you choose.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values
Ensure Plus is very similar to the original Ensure shake, except that it has increased protein and fat levels as well as higher calories. It is meant for active people who need more energy to perform various activities in the day. Each bottle of Ensure Plus provides 350 total calories, 20 grams of sugar, 13 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat, and a blend of 26 vitamins and minerals. It is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and selenium to help the immune system combat free radicals in the body.

On the other hand, Ensure Enlive is made for people who need higher protein levels without increasing the total calorie intake. It still has 350 total calories, and each serving also contains 20 grams of sugar, 11 grams of fat, along with 26 vitamins and minerals to support bone, muscle, heart, digestive system, and immune health. The difference is that Ensure Enlive comes with 20 grams of protein. The increased protein amount is especially great for people who want to build strong muscles and people who are recovering from an injury.

Both Ensure Plus and Ensure Enlive are suitable for people with lactose intolerance. They are also gluten-free, halal (except Ensure Enlive’s vanilla flavor), and kosher. However, they do contain milk and soy.

Ensure Plus is available in more flavor choices. There are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. Having more varieties of flavors is good for your diet to avoid the boredom of drinking the same thing over and over again.

On the other hand, Ensure Enlive is only available in three flavor choices. There are just milk chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. It does not have the dark chocolate and butter pecan flavors.

Regarding the taste and texture of Ensure Enlive vs Ensure Plus, people generally prefer Ensure Plus more than Ensure Enlive. This is because the Plus has very good texture. The taste is nice, and it does not leave any residue on the tongue. On the other hand, the Enlive shake tends to leave a chalky aftertaste, and the taste is worse with a watery/metallic feel.

- Provides all-in-one nutrition and contains nutrients to support muscle, bone, heart, immune and digestive tract health
- Includes HMB plus 20 grams of protein for muscle health
- Contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals and 350 nutritious calories
- 120% daily value of Vitamin D and 50% daily value of calcium to support strong bones
- Gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance (Not for people with galactosemia)
- Provides 350 nutrient-rich calories and 13 grams of protein to help gain or maintain a healthy weight
- Contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals
- Excellent source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid ALA to support heart health
- Rich in antioxidants (Vitamins C, E & Selenium) to help support the immune system as well as Vitamin D for bone health
- Gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance (Not for people with galactosemia)

If you don’t need very high protein levels, Ensure Plus is better. It provides the same nutritional values except for the protein content. The taste and texture are much better and actually enjoyable. Meanwhile, Ensure Enlive is recommended for people who need higher protein levels, but the taste and texture aren’t as good.

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