Citrucel Vs Benefiber

The function of fiber or the benefits of fiber for the health of the body turned out very much and can not be taken lightly. When the body lacks fiber some diseases can just perch as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. With today’s urban lifestyles, many fast-food and almost everywhere sold are fiber-rich foods, it takes a solution for those who are busy and often consume little fiber foods to keep them healthy, bne of them by taking fiber supplements as an alternative. We will help you t choose the best fiber supplement product for your body between Citrucel vs Benefiber. Let’s see the explanation below.

Citrucel is primarily made up of cellulose which is a soluble fiber. Soluble fibers can absorb extra cholesterol and help in controlling the bad cholesterol. Citrucel comes in Orange flavor. It also comes in sugar free option. Each scoop contains 2 grams of fiber. Each caplet contains half a gram of fiber. The cellulose in Citrucel is a non-fermentable fiber, which means that the bacteria in your digestive tract doesn’t ferment it. If your digestive tract doesn’t ferment the fiber, you’re less likely to experience gas, bloating and other gastrointestinal issues, according to the Formula Medical Group.

Benefiber is primarily made from wheat dextrin which is a soluble fiber. Two teaspoons of benefiber contains around 3 grams pf fiber. Benefiber is also available in capsules or fruit flavored chewables. Each of these contains 1 gram of fiber. Which means that to get 3 grams of fiber you can take three capsules or chewable. Wheat Dextrin which is major content in Benefiber is soluble fiber and it get fermented when the gut bacteria tries to digest it. In that process gas is produces which can cause flatulence. This process also means that a signal is sent to the brain that we are full and may not feel hungry for longer time and it also helps in better mineral absorption.

- Non-allergenic and gluten free
- The only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess gas
- Gluten free
- Supplement 190 Doses
- All natural ingredients
- Dissolves completely in water

Citrucel Vs Benefiber
Here’s the final thought, for constipation, Benefiber might be faster acting, while Citrucel will help maintain fiber levels and healthy regularity. If you have a gluten sensitivity, go for Benefiber. If you don’t like gas, maybe opt for Citrcucel. No matter what, if you just need to go to the bathroom, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Overall, both products are worth to try.

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