Burn XT vs Lean XT

Weight loss supplements are very popular because losing weight is a long process and needs a strong effort. Besides changing the diet and increasing physical activities, supplements may help you increase the efficacy or improve the process as well. Among those many supplements, Burn XT Vs Lean XT are great options if faster weight loss is your goal. Before using any of them, here is some information you may want to know about the supplements and what they are supposedly to help.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Prevent Overeating
  • What are Burn XT and Lean XT
  • Are Burn XT and Lean XT Pricy
  • What are Burn XT and Lean XT made of
  • What Burn XT and Lean XT can offer
  • How to Take Burn XT and Lean XT
  • Burn XT Vs Lean XT

Weight Loss and Overeating

Almost none of us want to have excessive weight because not only is it unflattering to carry lots of fat in our body, it is also not healthy. Being obese is not healthy and is not good for your body as well due to the risks of various conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure that can be life threatening if not treated quickly. While obese people can still do various daily activities, carrying so much weight wear our body so much that even talking can cause you to pant. 

While the cause of weight gain can vary among people, the most common cause is overeating and sedentary lifestyle. Our unhealthy relation with foods often brings so many bad impacts including gaining too much weight. If your issue is overeating, here are some tips to prevent the habit so we can control our weight and losing fat faster:

  1. Prevent any distraction when you are eating. Mindless munching is true and in modern days when our smartphones almost never leave our side, it is easy to pay attention somewhere else while eating your meals. The bad impact is we tend to not pay enough attention to what we eat and how much in such situations. There is even a review that suggests distracted eating can lead to moderate increase in immediate food intake or more significant intake later.
  2. Eating slowly is what our parents often said when we are still a kid. This may sound surprising and even researchers are not sure yet about the connection but those who eat slowly tend to have lower BMI as well as eating in small portions than fast eater. However, one idea states that it might be because we can give our brain more time to realize that the stomach is full and send the cue to stop eating or give a greater sense of fullness.
  3. For us who love eating, we often put so many foods on the plate and ignore whether it is a healthful portion or not. To achieve consuming less, we can learn portion control with smaller plates or putting the meals in a few small plates than putting them altogether in one plate.
  4. If you can’t stop yourself from snacking just like us, the other step we have to do is removing all temptation from the cupboard, fridge, or freezer, and those we stack in the bedroom drawer, if any. Snacking is not only going to mess up your diet and fat loss effort but also makes you want to eat more because usually we snack on sugary or savory foods that are rich in calories but not satisfying.
Burn XTLean XT
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About Burn XT and Lean XT

Fat loss is not an easy journey and there are probably more failures than success stories out there yet, it is not an impossible task that we can never finish and the key is rather than burst motivation, being consistent and patient is more important to maintain our progress. We also encourage people to not feel down and give up when facing a plateau because everything will be worthy at the end. If you have been cutting food intakes as well as exercising, a supplement may elevate your progress.

Just like any supplements, their function is not to replace your diet and main effort like exercise but to only provide accompaniment throughout the journey and help what can be elevated depending on how the supplement or drug works. For those who are looking for a way to increase their fat burning routine, a fat burning supplement will be a great option because they can optimize the progress. Among those many supplements designed for the function, Burn XT and Lean XT are two ideal options to try.

These supplements are very popular and have been used by countless people to help them shed some pounds while also dieting and doing exercise. Their promises are similar which is to help your body to burn fat more effectively. They are often called as thermogenic fat loss supplements since the effect is to boost metabolism and fat burning as this process happens our body also generates more heat hence the name. Burn XT and Lean XT are very similar however which is why it can be confusing to choose.

Their main function is to increase metabolism and in general their ingredients as well as benefits are the same but, the Lean XT also have another promise which is to inhibit fat storage and while we are not sure yet on how it can achieve such result, this variant seems to be marketed for those who are considering to catch that lean appearance more. The Burn XT on the other hand focuses on fat burning and provides you energy throughout the day.

Burn XT and Lean XT Capsule and Price

Food supplements are easy to consume and the benefits are very tempting to try especially for a fat loss process which usually takes time to succeed and Burn XT and Lean XT can be consumed by almost anyone. Their capsules are the same side by side and just like many diet supplements out there, they use clear casing with the formulation powder inside. The powder has an herb-like smell and does not leave any aftertaste when taken with water while the capsule is at the length of a penny coin.

Weight loss supplements are typically affordable depending on what type of ingredients they are made from and for these two, you can get the 60 capsules of Lean XT at $27 and Burn XT at $30 for the same container. These bottles will last for a month following their recommended dosage which is very affordable for something that can help you exercise and lose fat more effectively. Read also: Hydroxycut Vs Ultra Ripped.

Burn XT and Lean XT Ingredients

When looking for an oral solution, the first thing you may want to do is check their ingredients and make sure there is nothing that you have to avoid since some of us may have certain health conditions. Burn XT and Lean XT are pretty much the same in formulation by mostly using caffeine to increase the metabolism and the caffeine is sourced from green tea leaf extract, with added Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI, and Black pepper extract. What’s different is Lean XT uses Forskolin instead of additional caffeine and Cayenne pepper fruit extract.

Burn XT and Lean XT Benefits

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a very popular amino acid supplement because of its role in burning your body fat or fat that comes from the food we ate and breaking it down into fatty acids which is especially useful when your body is in state of using the stored fat due to fasting or low carb diet like keto. For green tea, the most beneficial substance for weight loss here is the caffeine and EGCG which the latter is known to increase fat burning both during exercise and resting especially in concentrated form.

As for the caffeine, it is a well-known stimulant that aids fat burning and improves performance as well as focus including when you are exercising. In Lean XT, we see Forskolin and this is derived from the root of mint family plant. The mechanism as to why it is considered beneficial is because it can help create enzymes called lipase and adenylate cyclase in which when your body is in calorie deficit will free fatty acids from cells to be burnt without affecting lean muscle mass.

Cayenne pepper has capsaicin and this can help reduce appetite as well as increase metabolism as it causes our body to heat up but it also tends to be more effective against those who are not used to spicy foods, which is similar to what piperine in black pepper do.

Burn XT and Lean XT Dosage

To make sure we are getting the benefits of these supplements, we need to follow their dosage as well but for Burn XT, the dosage can elevate depending on your experience. New users are encouraged to take one capsule with a meal per day, intermediate users one capsule, two times a day, and experienced users taking two capsules, with each meal, two times a day. For Lean XT the dosage is two capsules which can be taken together or to be divided into two times, 30 minutes before meal.

Burn XT vs Lean XT

Despite the promising results and beneficial ingredients, Burn XT and Lean XT are not effective if you are not doing certain diets and exercising as well. The difference between the two is addition of Forskolin in Lean XT which is great to maintain muscle mass in case you are also trying to build the body and following a low carb diet or fasting. On the other hand, the increased caffeine in Burn XT may improve the fat burning effect and increase your energy as well as focus during the usage.

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All in all it is best to pick the supplement that fits your application or goal the most and between the two, personally we like the Burn XT better because of the additional caffeine and since it is great to improve your performance.


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