Baetea Vs Flat Tummy Tea

Below, you will read about the comparisons between Baetea vs Flat Tummy Tea. We are going to compare the two detox teas based on their ingredients, effectiveness, and potential side effects. Wait, did you just ask what a detox tea is? Well, detox teas are very popular right now. These so-called detox teas are said to be able to detox your body and remove harmful contaminants along with fats from your body. However, note that not all detox teas are effective and safe. That’s why we need to find out more about Baetea and Flat Tummy Tea. Continue reading now!

The Ingredients
Despite all the critics and warnings directed to the detox teas sold on the market, these products are still very popular. This is because some of the detox teas can actually deliver weight loss effects. There are some pros and cons here that you need to understand. Some detox teas like SkinnyMint vs Fit Tea can really reduce the body weight because they are using diuretic and laxative ingredients. These ingredients can actually empty your digestive tract and purge out water. That’s why the body weight is reduced.

However, the weight loss results provided by these detox teas will come back once you stop consuming the tea. In other words, they are not permanent. Such weight loss results are also considered unhealthy. In order to maintain the reduced body weight, you still need to control your diet and exercise regularly. Some laxative ingredients may have dangerous side effects especially if consumed continuously.

Baetea is a detox tea that is enriched with metabolism-boosting and laxative ingredients. It is available in 14-day packs and 28-day packs. The ingredients include organic green tea, oolong wuyi leaf, organic rooibos tea, ginger root, pomegranate, lemon juice, guarana seed, honey powder, stevia, corn, sea salt, and senna leaf.

On the other hand, Flat Tummy Tea is a drink kit that contains peppermint leaf, lemongrass, caraway seed, dandelion root, coriander seed, fennel seed, and senna leaf. It comes with two packs, which include the morning Activate pack and the night Cleanse pack.

Effectiveness and Side Effects
So, between Baetea vs Flat Tummy Tea, which one is better in terms of performance? It turns out that Baetea has the better performance.

Baetea is a nice drink for starting the day. The blend of different types of tea leaves is very nice. It can make you feel energized, ready for the day. It also tastes nice. It can show weight loss effects within a few days.

On the other hand, Flat Tummy Tea does not really give a significant metabolism boost, so it won’t really increase your energy levels. However, it can indeed show weight loss effects pretty quickly as well.

Keep in mind that these teas will probably make you go to the bathroom more often. Again, do not consume these teas too much. 28 days is the maximum duration. This is because senna leaves may cause dangerous side effects such as stomach pain and damage if consumed continuously.

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In general, Baetea is more recommended because of the better blend of tea leaves. It can increase your metabolism and enhance your energy levels. However, do not consume it too much and do not drink it for more than 28 days to avoid the dangerous side effects.

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