Animal Cuts VS Ripped Freak

Losing body fat is not an easy process which is why you may need help from a fat burning supplement such as Animal Cuts Vs Ripped Freak. These supplements are useful to assist your cutting process or fat burning progress with a balanced diet and also proper exercise. They are not identical however, based on the ingredients and also the effects on the body. If you wonder which to try, let’s see what to expect from the two here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Bulking and Cutting
  • What are Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak
  • What are the Ingredients in Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak
  • What are the Benefits from Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak
  • How are the Effect of Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak
  • Animal Cuts Vs Ripped Freak

Bulking and Cutting

We all want a better looking appearance and the standard may vary from person to person. However, being strong is often desired because if it is done properly, we can improve our health in short and long term as well as feeling more confident about how we look. A body with lean muscle surely looks attractive but it is not easy to achieve. Many of us are working to achieve it by bulking and cutting. They are proven to be effective and are done by professionals too.

Bulking is simply increasing the body mass by taking more from the diet made of balanced nutrients while cutting is the opposite, reducing the body mass, especially fat by reducing the intake or with an ideal diet that can promote the result. Cutting is not associated with crash dieting or starvation but more on the gradual reduction of energy intake to achieve a different result on the fitness journey. The reason to do this is hypertrophy or the muscle growth that requires caloric surplus.

The fat gained from this process is inevitable hence the cutting step is necessary to slim or make the muscle leaner and cleaner. For the people who are bulking for the first time, it can be easier to bulk without going into the cutting phase at least until the body is adapting to the movement pattern or your routine. To remove the fat gained during bulking, we have to eat less calories and can be in caloric deficit so we can burn more energy than we take.

To prevent losing the muscle that we have gained during the bulk up process, it is necessary to adjust the macros and do higher intensity workouts because muscle and fat are often gained at the same time but now we just want to remove the fat. While it sounds simple, the bulk and cut process is not done by eating as many as possible and then starving yourself but more on the diet option combined with the proper exercise that can promote the process.

When on the cutting step, it is recommended to gradually decrease the calorie intake while maintaining a high metabolism by spending energy through exercise. We should reduce the carbs but maintain the high protein intake at all times to keep lean mass and boost metabolism. It is necessary as well to eat clean and choose whole or minimally processed foods. To ensure that the process is done properly, it is best to plan your diet and exercise including how many calories we need per day to lose weight.

Animal CutsRipped Freak
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About Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak

Because we are reducing the calorie intake, some people may don’t feel as energized throughout the day or feel not as in good condition. It is very common on almost any diet which is why many are also using supplements. For those who are currently trying to reduce body fat, supplements that can help burning the fat or providing more energy will be a great solution. Do note that they are not miracle products so we are going to do the proper diet and exercise when taking them.

There are so many good supplements to try depending on which seems to work best in your preference and how you want to lose the extra fat. Some of the most popular options are Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak which are both based on the popular ingredient caffeine. They are claimed to help you burn excess fat and improve the slimming down process by providing enough energy as well as elevating the mood while you are working on the lesser calorie and intense workout.

Animal Cuts may sound a bit frightening but there is nothing about animals here. This supplement is mostly made of herbs that are shown to provide some advantages in the weight loss process. It is promising an effective fat shedding effect with the complex ingredient and complete solution. If you have seen the supplement before, this one comes with small packets of several capsules in the canister and each packet is for one dosage so it can be less convenient for some people.

On the other hand Ripped Freak is simpler, even from the ingredients list. It is mostly relying on caffeine to boost your energy level but it is more convenient to take, just like most supplements. As you can expect, these supplements are designed to assist fat loss with proper diet and exercise. They will improve metabolism and keep your energy up, especially if your body is not developing tolerance to caffeine yet.

Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak Supplements

The first time seeing Animal Cuts as a supplement, this canister contains small packets instead of small bottles that are filled with capsules. The packets are transparent plastic with 9 small capsules inside coming in the range of red and blue shades. This amount is for one dose and this is why you may want to also consume them with water and with a light meal. The supplement recommends you to take enough water throughout the day to prevent dehydration.

Ripped Freak is one capsule serving so if you buy the 60 capsules it will last for 60 servings which should last for at least 30 days because the dosage is not exceeding 2 capsules per day. It is using a gelatin capsule which is also clear in color so you can see the powder inside. Both supplements don’t have any weird smell on it but may have some light herbs or greens smell. Price wise Animal Cuts is often more expensive as a canister of 42 packets will only last for about 3 weeks.

Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak are made of because you want to know what we put in the body and consider the effects. Starting with Animal Cuts, there are two main focuses here, first is the stimulant and second is the water shedding complex. The stimulant is mostly made of caffeine and other popular ingredients like guarana and yerba mate. The water shedding complex is made of natural herbs like dandelion root, uva ursi, and hydrangea root.

There are also nootropic, metabolism, bioavailability, and thyroid complex made of various ingredients. On the other hand the Ripped Freak is made of caffeine, green tea, olive leaf, green coffee, red pepper, raspberry ketone, and gallic acid. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs L-Carnitine here.

Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak Benefits

Caffeine is a very popular ingredient in almost any weight loss supplement. This is because it is a natural stimulant so the effect is kind of similar when you are having a cup of iced coffee. The caffeine is known to prevent you from falling into drowsiness, making you more alert, and also improving the mood. They are also able to reduce the appetite for a short time and even boost the metabolic rate as well as help burn fat.

Caffeine is found to stimulate the nervous system and send direct signals to the fat cells to break fat down by increasing blood levels of the hormone epinephrine. Epinephrine is known as adrenaline so it travels down your blood to the fat tissues, signaling to break down fat and releasing them into the blood. Both Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak come with high doses of caffeine from various ingredients. The Animal Cuts has water shedding dandelion roots because it contains magnesium to increase urine, reducing water from our body.

Both Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak also contain raspberry ketones which is not related to ketones in our body but is famous for being known to help fat cells be broken down because it has similar composition to capsaicin and synephrine.

Animal Cuts and Ripped Freak Effects

Lastly for the effects, the results of these supplements may vary on different people but for Animal Cuts the most noticeable effect is you are more energized and alert, probably from the amount of stimulant. You will also visit the bathroom more often since it increases urine production and thus, it is necessary to drink enough water while using this supplement. Ripped Freak contains high caffeine as well and it is useful to reduce fatigue or improve the mood but also nothing more.

Animal Cuts Vs Ripped Freak

There are many similar fat burner supplements in the market and these two are some of the most popular. The main difference is based on the ingredients. Animal Cuts are more complex and cover a wider solution with each packet. It is shedding a lot of water weight as well so if your body retains water, it is a great supplement to help remove them. The Ripped Freak is mostly a caffeine supplement, it works well to keep you alert but some people may get restless due to the high amount of caffeine.

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The decision is all yours because we may have different opinions but we will recommend the Animal Cuts because it is a more complete solution and also good for removing water weight. It is high in caffeine as well however so it is wise to follow the dosage.

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