Animal Cuts VS Lipo 6 Black 

Losing body fat is not easy and if necessary, we can also add supplements into the routine such as Animal Cuts Vs Lipo 6 Black. These supplements are helpful to burn extra fat or to make sure your body is using it as energy. The ingredients are very similar with some differences and if you wonder which to take, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is the Purpose of Body Fat
  • What are Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black
  • What are the Ingredients of Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black
  • What are the Benefits of Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black
  • How are the Result with Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black
  • Animal Cuts Vs Lipo 6 Black

Losing Body Fat

Many of us are struggling with weight and since it is very hard to lose weight, especially if you are used to the current unhealthy lifestyle, many of us also give up trying. We do think before we can lose weight it is necessary to know the proper way to shed some pounds and be informed of our own body. You can ask a dietician or doctor for a diet recommendation moreover if there are some health issues to address as well. Losing weight doesn’t need to be complicated but requires dedication and effort.

Let’s talk about how fat is made first. When you eat something, the body releases the hormone insulin and this keeps it to absorb glucose or blood sugar, and fatty acids from the food to be used and stored for energy. When the energy is not used, it is stored in the form of fat so it can be used later. This is an evolutionary thing that kept our ancestors alive back then when the resources were limited and life was so much more unpredictable.

Our body still burns fat the same way whenever energy is needed so when we don’t eat in a few hours or exercising, the body’s hormonal state signals to fat cells to release some fat energy. This fat is broken down by enzymes into fatty acids and other components which are released to the cells to burn for energy. Burning the fatty acids produce water and carbon dioxide that goes out of the body through urine, sweat, and breath. This process over time will reduce body fat.

Because fat is produced by the energy we consume, it just makes sense to manage our diet in order to lessen the amount of fat stored and this is why cutting calories is very effective. There are so many different types of diet but our body will burn or use fat as long as we consume an amount less than what we used to have. How many calories? Experts recommend to cut from 250 to 500 calories from your daily intake which will reduce 1/2 to 1 pound a week.

It may be tempting to jumpstart your diet by reducing more calories and sure, you will see a higher weight loss as well but this may backfire because it will slow down metabolism. Slower metabolism will lower the amount of energy we use for the common activities or exercise as well as lowering thyroid and sex hormones. An extremely low calorie diet is also difficult to sustain since they leave you feeling hungry and deprived, making it unhealthy for the body in the long term.

Animal Cuts Lipo 6 Black
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About Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black

Using more energy than what we consume is an ideal way to lose body fat and not only just weight because our body is made of water so when people go on a diet journey, the first several days is actually losing water weight. You can make the process more effective by exercising, meaning our body uses more energy while maintaining the diet. If needed, we can take supplements too which often can help to optimize the process by promoting an effective method.

There are plenty of weight loss supplements to try and you can find them from tons of brands as well as active ingredients. The main take is that you will need to also combine the diet with exercise since consuming a weight loss supplement or fat burner alone won’t reduce your body fat if the lifestyle is not changed. We recommend using a fat burner with proper diet and weight or resistance training if you will also build the body or increase muscle mass.

Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black are some of the most popular options to go for because these supplements are famous for what they can offer. Yes, they are fat burners and the main take here is that their ingredients will help the body to use body fat more effectively. The main or key ingredient of these supplements is caffeine and as you may already know, caffeine is a great source for energy and focus as it is a stimulant.

The rest of the ingredients are difficult to trace since supplements in general are not made to support such claims so the benefits will vary among users. What Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black best at is keeping you at a higher focus because usually we are sluggish and not as energized when doing some diet for the lack of energy consumed from food. The other ingredients can be useful but usually there is no strong scientific study that can support the claim yet. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs Hydroxycut here.

Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black Supplement

When it comes to supplements, we want them to be convenient and this is probably why gummy vitamins are very popular because not everyone is fond of taking capsules or caplets. If you have an issue swallowing pills, the Animal Cuts can be a bit too much. There are a total of 9 capsules here which contain different blends or formulations. They are the size of a regular capsule but taking 9 at one serving can be a struggle for some; the dosage is two packets per day.

On the other hand this Lipo 6 Black is one capsule only which is great if you don’t like consuming too many supplements at once. It is about the same size as the blue capsule from Animal Cuts so it is still easy to drink with water. The capsule is black and each dose is one capsule, taken two times per day. Price wise Animal Cuts is quite expensive at around $40 for three weeks supply while the Lipo 6 Black is $25 per 60 counts or 30 day supply.

Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black Ingredients

Just like with other supplements, you will need to know what they are made from to see what possible benefits and side impacts of using them. Starting with Animal Cuts, this supplement is made of so many different ingredients separated by their purpose. For example the stimulant or red capsule contains caffeine anhydrous, guarana, kola nut, yerba mate, raspberry ketones, and many more. The blue capsule is the water shedding complex containing dandelion root, hydrangea, uva ursi leaf, and many more.

It has a metabolic complex containing green tea leaf, oolong tea leaf, coffee bean, and many others. Nootropic complex made of DMAE, cocoa powder, bacopa, and huperzine. The Lipo 6 Black is simpler with caffeine anhydrous, theobromine anhydrous, theacrine, yohimbine, and rauwolscine.

Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black Benefits

As you can see, the main star here is caffeine and if you drink coffee or green tea, you may notice that caffeine is a great focus booster as you can feel more awake and energized after drinking them, similar to energy drinks. It seems that caffeine is also able to reduce appetite for a short time so we may feel full longer. Studies suggest that caffeine stimulates the nervous system, sending signals directly to the fat cells to break down fat by increasing the hormone epinephrine.

Caffeine can also increase the metabolic rate, especially the resting metabolic rate or RMR. Metabolic rate is the higher the better for weight loss as it means more fat cells being used as energy and studies support caffeine can increase RMR from 3 to 11% or even higher on people with a lean body. The other useful ingredient used by Animal Cuts is water shedding complex because all of them are beneficial to increase urine production for the body to flush water and reduce water weight.

Theobromine in Lipo 6 Black is known to help with weight loss as well but this is often used in medication for aiding urination and stimulating heart and increasing energy also, the higher theobromine in the body can reduce appetite as well as help break down excess fat. Theacrine has a similar effect to caffeine as a stimulant. Rauwolscine is pretty new in the fat loss world but it seems to speed up fat loss and increase insulin levels.

Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black Result

What you may feel after consuming the Animal Cuts and Lipo 6 Black is probably the energy from caffeine because this is the main ingredient so it gives an awake feeling and overall puts you in a better mood for the diet and exercising. The water shedding effect of these supplements is very noticeable as you will visit the bathroom very often. The two are popular among people who cut after bulking and they can speed your metabolism but also heart rate so some people can get fidgety.

Animal Cuts Vs Lipo 6 Black

The effects of these supplements are pretty much the same in our opinion because they are mostly working with caffeine so if you have used caffeine based supplements before, the effects will be similar, increased focus, metabolism, and energy but sometimes can make you fidgety or heart rate increased too high that it becomes uncomfortable. The water shedding is effective too if you want to cut after bulk. Overall the two are effective with a proper diet and perfect for people with slow metabolism.

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The decision is all yours because the effects of these supplements are very similar. We recommend Lipo 6 Black if you don’t want to take as many capsules in each dose but for the efficacy the two will be very helpful to boost metabolism with some side effects often related to caffeine.


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