Animal Cuts VS L-Carnitine

Getting fit and ripped is probably in your bucket list this year but sometimes the diet and exercise are not enough which is why it is nice to have supplements like Animal Cuts Vs L-Carnitine to help achieve the goal. These supplements are designed to help you lose those extra fat and energize your day yet they are not identical so before deciding the option let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What Fitness Supplement to Take
  • What are Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine
  • How are the Supplement of Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine
  • What are the Ingredients of Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine
  • What are the Benefits of Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine
  • How are the Results from Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine
  • Animal Cuts Vs L-Carnitine

Choosing Fitness Supplement

Achieving your ideal body is not easy and not something we can get in just a week or two. It needs a long process and a change in habit that brings us to our current state but everything is possible with determination and discipline. The key to our body is often the diet itself while the exercise helps you shape it to an ideal proportion that you want. Not everyone has the same preference and goal so we will leave it to you.

To help the process however, such as losing weight or building muscle, we can try the workout supplement or a weight loss supplement depending on what you want to achieve. The most important will be protein because it is one of the most necessary nutrients in our diet both for weight loss and for building muscle. Protein comes in various forms and if you can’t add it to the menu, we can use whey protein powder that is both easy to consume and convenient.

For those who don’t eat a balanced diet yet due to some reasons, it is also wise to add supplementation on the diet that you are lacking such as fruits and veggies. They are not made to replace the veggies that are supposed to be on our menu but can help reduce the gap between eating enough and lacking. You can also add fish oil into the routine because they are helpful for weight loss and overall health such as preventing cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

If your main goal is building the body, never forget to take some for the energy later in the form of carbohydrate before, during, and after training so they can facilitate the protein synthesis and glycogen resynthesis. This way we feel energized for the workout, feeling replenished, and also recover faster after the routine. Depending on which you prefer better, many people choose to take simple carbohydrate drinks before doing high intensity workout because it is more convenient but you can choose other healthy options too.

In addition if you are fine with taking other supplements, Creatine is a good choice to try. This supplement has been studied extensively so there is a lot more information for its efficacy compared to many other ingredients. It is in general improving muscle size and strength compared when you are training without it. There seems to be a belief that people under 18 can’t drink the supplement so we recommend only adults taking the supplement to avoid any harmful side effects.

 Animal CutsL-Carnitine
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About Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine

There are plenty more choices to go for but just like any solutions, it is wise to keep them moderate and always follow the direction since anything can be harmful when taken extensively including dietary supplement. If you are here then we guess that the supplement will be used to burn down the extra fat in the body. Many fat burners can be an ideal solution but not every fat burner will produce the same results based on what they are made of.

When you are scrolling the fitness supplement, there are many options such as those made to bulk the muscle and reduce body fat to get a leaner and clean result. For those who are currently focusing on removing excess body fat, the Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine supplements are some of the most popular options to consider. These are famous supplements, especially the Animal Cuts and while it sounds a bit concerning, it is only to refer to the effect of using the supplement.

Animal Cuts are probably one of the best fat burners or supplements to help your body get a leaner muscle free of excess fat. This is also a very unique solution because unlike many supplements, the pack comes with lots of capsules and with different purposes. On the other hand usually supplements mix everything together into one formulation, moreover if the main ingredient is only a few such as L-Carnitine which is often combined with calcium. There are many L-Carnitine supplements but we are going to choose this one from Arazo Nutrition.

In comparison, the Animal Cuts is a very complex and potent supplement to shed body fat which focuses on the fat burning through energy production and also water reduction through diuretic effect so you will definitely need to drink plenty of water when taking this supplement. On the other hand L-Carnitine is focusing on the bodily process to burn fat and in prolonged use may help the exercise performance but many seem to feel the effect on the energy side. Read also: Animal Cuts Vs Lipo 6 here.

Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine Supplement

The best thing about taking a single supplement is the convenience and if you have never used Animal Cuts before, it is probably surprising to see this many capsules to consume per dose. There are a total of 9 capsules per packet and the canister can contain enough packets for two weeks and more. The capsules are in decent size and they come in different colors which signify the purpose such as the red capsule for fat burning and blue capsule for water shedding.

As for this Arazo Nutrition L-Carnitine, the supplement comes in caplet or solid solution which is also in decent size. It is a one serving with two caplets to complete the dosage per day so it is wise to not exceed the recommended amount. As for the price, the current cost for Animal Cuts containing 42 packs is around $41 that can last for almost a month while this L-Carnitine supplement is cheaper at $20 per bottle of 120 tablets which should last for about two months.

Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine Ingredients 

Before buying any supplement, it is wise to check what they are made with or the ingredients to see how they may affect the body and what they can offer. Starting with Animal Cuts, there are so many ingredients here and each capsule has a different purpose too. For example, the Stimulant complex contains caffeine and guarana, Metabolic complex with green tea and oolong tea, Thyroid complex with tyrosine and olive leaf, and Water shedding complex with dandelion root and uva ursi leaf.

On the other hand this L-Carnitine supplement from Arazo Nutrition is much simpler, just made with L-Carnitine and calcium. The reason why this amino acid supplement is taken with calcium is probably because it is improving the benefit for bone health and metabolism.

Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine Benefits

The main benefits of these ingredients especially from Animal Cuts is the caffeine because there are many ingredients containing caffeine there including the tea leaves. Caffeine is very effective at increasing energy levels and making you more alert. It is basically blocking the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine and when this happens, the amount of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine increase, firing the neurons. Studies for caffeine in the human body have shown that it improves energy level, reaction, and in general mental function.

Dandelion for another example is famous for removing water from the body as it is naturally containing potassium which is a mineral that acts in the kidney and increases the production or urine. As for L-Carnitine, this is popular for weight loss because it helps move more fatty acids into the cells to be burned for energy but, the studies to prove this still have mixed results. Additionally it seems L-Carnitine is also useful for exercise performance in the long term after weeks or months taking the supplement.

Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine Results

Lastly for the result, our body may react differently to supplements such as with Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine solution. For example, with Animal Cuts the user experiences a surge or energy probably from the caffeine and also going to the toilet much more often. After a while with exercising the body fat such as in the stomach started to shed noticeably. For the L-Carnitine the effect may take longer or more than two weeks but surprisingly it gives quite an energy too.

Animal Cuts Vs L-Carnitine

While supplements can help achieve the goal, exercising and eating a balanced diet is the most important. The main difference between these Animal Cuts and L-Carnitine supplements is because Animal Cuts is more complex and more complete as a solution since it is not only providing energy but also helping you to shed those water weight many of us are trying to get rid of too. The main complaint is that there are so many capsule to take for each day so it is less convenient compared to the L-Carnitine one.

- Complete fat-burning pack with thermogenic, metabolic, water-shedding, energy support and much more
- All-in-One Fat Burner, thermogenic, metabolic enhancer, diuretic, thyroid support, nootropics, and energy
- All-in-one comprehensive pack or powder for deep cuts
- For cutting cycles. Take 1 pack upon waking and 1 pack 4-6 hours later with a small meal
- Calcium enhanced super formula; the extra 330mg of Calcium per serving greatly boosts metabolic rate, muscle strength, and bone health; added Calcium boosts results when combined with L-Carnitine
- Supports athletic performance and stamina; faster muscle recovery, delay exhaustion
- Burns fat to help lose weight; promotes muscle growth and fat loss during workouts
- Healthy heart; transports fatty acids to support your cardiovascular energy levels


There are plenty of supplements to try based on the goal you want to achieve but if your main focus is getting energized to exercise more and also removing water weight, we highly recommend the Animal Cuts because it is very effective and fast acting.

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