Almased Vs Herbalife

Meal replacement shakes become one of diet trend, it definitely offer some benefits. They require little to no effort to prepare, depending on if you buy a powdered version or one that’s ready to drink. This makes them great for people who are short on time, or for those who normally skip meals. They may also help with weight loss (more on this later). On the other hand, they can be used for weight gain and to increase nutrient intake for those who have a reduced appetite. If you’re interested to try these product,now we have a review about some famous meal replacement product to compare namely Almased vs Herbalife, Following the review to add your reference in need.

Almased was founded almost 30 years ago by Hubertus Trouillé. Almased contains 180 calories, 1.5g of fat, 16g of carbohydrates, and 25g of protein. Almased has been specifically used in a number of studies that have demonstrated following the program has led to weight loss, improved insulin regulation, and improved quality of life. One thing about Almased is that the weight loss program is a little more extreme than any of the other meal replacement shake diets out there. There are four phases: Starting, Reduction, Stability, and life. The starting phase lasts for 2 weeks and consists of you taking three shakes per day with only the addition of a 10 calorie broth as a snack. This works out at less than 600 calories per day. The next phase consists of 1000 calories per day (2 shakes plus a 600 calorie meal), whilst the third phase has 1380 calories per day (1 shake plus 2 x 600 calorie meals). The final phase is supposed to last for the rest of your life and consists of three regular meals per day plus a 180 calorie shake.

Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. The product itself is made from soy protein and comes with a variety of other supplements, including a separate protein powder that can add an extra 5g of protein per serving to your shake. When mixed with milk each serving contains 264 calories, 7g of fat, 32g of carbohydrates (1.2g fibre), and 18g of protein (23g if you add the extra protein powder). One thing that should be mentioned about Herbalife is their business practices, they don’t sell directly to shops but instead use multi-level-marketing, or MLM. The way this works is that a seller buys some products from the company and then sells it on to their customers (usually friends and family). The seller is then encouraged to get their customers to start selling Herbalife as well. The seller gets a percentage of any sales that their customer makes. As meal replacement shake, Herbalife quality is pretty average anyway. (Read also : Beachbody vs Herbalife)

- Exclusive natural formula
- No artificial fillers and flavors
- No added sugars
- No preservatives or stimulants
- For Healthy Nutrition & Weight Managament
- Brand New, Factory Sealed

Almased Vs Herbalife
In conclusion, as you can see there is a lot more protein in this shake than the Herbalife. The shake itself is definitely better than the Herbalife shakes, mainly due to its high protein content, but it really could do with some more carbohydrates in it.

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